Monday, December 30, 2013

6th Day of Halifax Yuletide: The Freedom in Exploring

Today, despite still being sick, I took advantage of having the day to myself and met up with fellow blogger and yogini, Erica from Exuberant Bodhisattva for coffee (at, you guessed it, Smiling Goat).

On the 6th Day of Halifax Yuletide my True Love Gave to Me: Freedom in Exploring

As I walked home, I realized that once we move I no longer will be able to just spend my afternoon wandering aimlessly downtown on my own. I love spending time with my hubby, but I also value my alone time and one of my favourite things is being able to just go for a walk, picking up a few veggies, a book and a few treats for me.

I like walking with a purpose, a destination and living in the heart of the downtown gives me lots of destinations, even if I don't purchase a thing.

Part of a very (compelling) argument for living urban vs rural is the physical activity had when you can walk (or bicycle, which we don't do) places. Suburbs, for the most part, are poorly designed and our future home definitely has limited access to public transit. Thankfully, a quick bicycle ride away is a shopping complex with groceries, rec centre, gym, pet store, vet etc. Potentially I can see us biking around, since our main obstacle in biking in the city was Andrew (and my) fear of being hit by a car.

On a day like today, when Andrew is at work with the car, I'll be stuck at home. So today, as I walked home, I took in the slow progress of construction of the new library, the hustle and bustle of local shop owners and the freedom of taking a few hours out of my day to get out of the apartment and be active.

This realization has underlined just how important a physical activity plan will be in our new life adjustment. That and I'll have to make friends with my new neighbours (I foresee cookies being baked in February!).

To my suburban rural peeps- how do YOU stay active and connected? Are you a two car family? What are your strategies?


  1. well I am rural but not suburban. I did not like suburban living (although it had it's advantages). However, when we did I figured out where the trails were and spend time on them.

  2. I miss living in the city for the reasons you stated. We have way more space, and places for the kids to play, but I miss walking to work and other such things. I stay active by going to a near by gym, and taking the kids to the play ground. There are also a number of walking trails handy. I am avoiding a second car for as long as possible. I am sure once the kids get older and we add their activities to ours will will 'need one' but until then we will get by with one.


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