Halifax Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park 2015:

WHERE: Point Pleasant Park, Tour Site 10
WHEN: Sunday mornings
TIME: 10:00-11:00am

We'll be there unless it's raining or below 15 degrees.

NB: Please check our facebook group- Halifax Yoga in the Park, or email me at earthyogini(at)gmail(dot)com if you'd like the most up to date information.

One aspect of Yoga is ‘connection’. There is nothing more beautiful than being able to practice Yoga outside, with the wind blowing peacefully (or not!), the sounds of the ocean, the birds and trees. As cliché’d as it sounds, practicing yoga in the park is a beautiful and fun experience!

All are welcome, no fees or stipulations. Just Yoga.

Lower Parking Lot- walk towards the anchor along the main path: Sailor’s Memorial Way Road- (along the water) for about 10 minutes. It’s *past* the anchor. When you see a small fort wall with trees on top and a little sign that says "10" we are just around the corner. 

Karma: All yogis are welcome, including teachers! If you're a Haligonian teacher who'd like to receive yoga and give back we welcome you! Please feel free to contact me at earthyogini{at}gmail{dot}com.