Sunday, December 29, 2013

5th Day of Halifax Yuletide: The Boardroom Game Cafe

It would appear that the 4th day of Yuletide didn't happen... mostly because I have been sick and like all colds, it has affected my perspective of the space time continuum (where is Q when you need him?).

On the 5th day of Halifax Yuletide my True Love Gave to me: 

The Boardroom Game Café is a relatively new addition to our South End neighbourhood and we've already been twice. Unlike other gaming places that are set up mostly for War Hammer, Magic the Gathering and DD etc type players (ie serious board gamers only, mostly men, noobs not welcome), the Boardroom Game Café is et up exactly like a café for all boardgame lovers.

Tables are interspersed all around and there is a delicious menu of savoury and sweet treats (the candy bowl is DELICIOUS) along with some seriously tasty beverages. With over 400 board games, there is no judgement on what game you play. I have seen people playing Scrabble, Clue, Risk and even Girl Talk (remember that game?? Pimple stickers!). For the most part it's an equal 50-50 women-men which is pretty darn interesting for a game place.
(The new game a staff suggested and then taught us how to play: Samurai. A hex game similar to Carcassonne, we'll most likely purchase!)
ps- the beer was a Dark Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery-delicious!!!

The Staff are ridiculously friendly and will help you pick out games THEN they will sit down and explain the rules to you or stop by and answer questions. A fun alternative for a social evening (and a cheaper way to try out new games) the 5$ price tag (have to be legal drinking age- 19yrs in Nova Scotia, you'll need your ID) gives you unlimited game playing until closing at midnight (most nights).

(A 2 player Carcassonne game: The Castle. Although fun, neither of us thought it was as good as the original and would never purchase it. Glad we tried it, now we know!)

Tonight Andrew and I walked down for the perfect date night where we tried out three new games. We discovered one of the three that we would love to purchase. I only won one out of three games, mostly due to my sick handicap (I am usually the winner at boardgames) but it was a blast.

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  1. I had not heard about this cafe before, this is really neat. It would be a fun outing for sure. My wife and I love board games.


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