Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Faves: From a Kicking-Ass Guide to The Joan of the Arc that is the Vag

Social media... despite the nay-sayers, it definitely has evolved into THE way to connect. Instead of discussions on the blog comment sections, more frequently people are engaging on the blog's facebook page.

I definitely find myself sharing interesting reads and blogs on my personal Facebook and so I'm sharing a few of my recent faves here!

1. The Militant Baker:
I am in love with her writing, her courage, her gorgeous project "Body Images", her inspiring perspective on life and acceptance. I am in LOVE with this space.
Particularly I am swooning over her ridiculously profound article: "How to Kick-Ass on a Daily Basis". Go read it. And swoon with me.

2. Turquoise Compass:
I actually know Jess from way back... I think I was 14yrs old when we first met (at the Weslyan Church's Living Christmas Tree. I was Catholic, but a pretty decent singer. Let's just say we prayed for my soul before every performance :) ). We went to different schools (come from different faiths) but she's been a bit like a little sister to me.

I'm so excited to share her lovely new blog showcasing her breathtaking photos and world wide adventures!

3. "Thoughts on pain in yoga: 4 Types of pain and how to practice with them" by Yoga Gypsy.
In a poopstorm of yoga and injury polarized social media discussions, it's extremely refreshing to have someone take a balanced approach and unpacking pain in yoga. La Gitane, author of Yoga Gypsy always writes such useful and practical posts.

4. Five Seed: A Farewell :(
I ADORE Five Seed products and I heart Yancy. She rocks. Sadly (selfishly for me, honestly), she has made the brave decision to move on with her business. I support her decision 100% and hope that the next step brings her much joy. I'm excited for her book on skin care!

Her Farewell post has a link to her Etsy page where she's selling her products at 40% off. Seriously, it is worth every single penny! (I heart her Flower Elixer especially, but all her scents smell delicious!)

5. Mama Hayes.
Steph, Mama Hayes, is my fantabulous, crafty, momma-rockin', pal. She is also co-owner of the most phenomenal photography and cinematography company: "Love and Anchor" (seriously, take a minute to check out their wedding videos- GORGEOUS).

I feel most thankful that I was honoured with being a part of the birth of her beautiful boy, Rowan (Andrew and I drove her and Matt to the hospital- it was eye opening for Andrew: "She is in so much PAIN!").

Steph writes from the heart and I am going to miss her and the fam when they move to Ontario this fall. If you live in Ontario- these guys are ridiculously awesome!

6. "Celebrating Yoga in America" by Carol Horton at Think Body Electric
I've always found Carol's posts to be challenging and well-informed all rolled into one. This post, particularly, gets interesting in the comment section. I'm still digesting how I feel about what she writes, her perspective and some of the discussion in the comment section. Definitely worth a read through.

AND... to finish off the fantastic link love list before I head off to the cottage (sans internet!) for the weekend:

7. "Tiny Tampon Queen Stars in Best Menstrual Marketing Ever" on Jezebel.
Although I heart DivaCups, I would have to agree this ad rocks. "It's like Santa, for your VAGINA!"

Happy Natal Day Weekend! See you on the Flip Side!
(off to practice some yoga without any smidgeon of civilization)

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  1. Thanks for the link love and for sharing some awesome new links.. think I just lost the rest of my afternoon to the blogosphere!!



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