Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Affordable Yoga in HRM: New Resource Page!

Practicing yoga in a studio can get pricey yo. I've noticed in our Halifax Yoga in the Park facebook group that people are searching and sharing links to affordable yoga events in HRM. I thought EcoYogini would be a great place to offer a page which I (will try) to keep updated listing all the affordable and cheap yoga classes in HRM.

Here is the page info (below) as of July 31st 2013, but check out the page "Affordable Yoga Hfx" for the most updated list!

For all my pocket-pinchin' peeps, here is a list of current, cheap, yoga classes in Halifax.

(this page isn't to deny that yoga teachers deserve to be paid a fair price for their skills, nor the very real cost of running a studio. It's simply recognizing that most of us can't afford 16-18$ a pop for a yoga class).

Halifax Yoga in the Park:
Every Sunday, 10am, we practice in Point Pleasant Park for free! A casual, all welcome, yoga practice that is led instead of "taught"- HYITP is a fabulous way to finish your weekend. Check out our Facebook group (Halifax Yoga in the Park) for updates or my page here on EcoYogini.

Lululemon Community Outdoor Yoga:
Sunday evenings, FREE, 6pm. Public Gardens corner of Spring Garden and Summer St.

(One Time) Bikram Halifax: Free Outdoor Yoga Saturday August 3rd, 9-10am.

Sarah Lynn MacKeigan (Ashtanga for Everyone): Sundays at 10am, by donation. Studio 2, Creative Crossing, 5781 Charles Street.

108 Yoga: Saturday 9-10am community class.

The Shala: Saturday 1pm-2:15pm karma class

Moksha Halifax: Friday 7:30-8:30pm karma class

Moksha Bedford: Friday 8pm-9pm karma class

Bikram Halifax: 1st Thursday of every month at 6:30pm karma class

Shanti Hot Yoga (Dartmouth and Bedford): 8:30pm-9:30pm 'Yoga for the People' 5$minimum

All Yoga: Yoga on the Beach- 7pm Sunday evenings all summer at Conrad's Beach. Donation.

All Yoga: Yoga at Dartmouth Crossing- Thursdays at 7pm. Donation.

Mystic Harp Studio: first class is 5$, 11$ (10$cash) drop in. This studio is owned by a cool, harp playing dude (who played some mean tetris themes on the harp at an outdoor yoga event). Located in the old Yoga Loft space.

Chebucto Yoga Co-op: all classes are 10$ drop in. A fabulous initiative of bringing yoga in a simple and accessible manner to the city.

East of Centre: 10$ or what you can afford. All classes are led by Guylaine Williams and are an intermediate Ashtanga practice. An affiliate of Centre of Gravity Sangha in Toronto.

Bloomers Yoga and Fitness Studio: Wednesdays 7:15-8:15pm, 10$ drop-in, 509 West Lawrencetown Rd, HRM (435-2362)

If you know of events, special karma classes, or a studio I may have missed, please leave a comment and I will add!


  1. Hi! I had a list on my blog, but yours is a bit more updated so I've linked to it. WOndering though if you've missed classes that HRM offers through Rec. They are reasonably affordable for people!

    1. Thank you! I've linked the rec link on the actual "Affordable Yoga" page (see tab)- good point :) Also, fun to meet another HRM Yoga blogger!

  2. I have wanted to try Yoga or some other martial art for awhile. Do you know of any in the Lower Sackville area?

    1. There's a Breathing Space Yoga studio in Bedford ( ) on 20 Duke St. They don't have Karma classes that I can see, but they do generally have fantastic instructors and courses- worth checking out for sure.
      There's also "Fall River Yoga" which came up when I google "Lower Sackville yoga". They have some summer specials going on (10$ drop ins!) so that might be worth checking out too.

      If ever you want to check out a class in the city, let me know Christopher, I'll totally go to an intro class with you! OR maybe you could come to HYITP one Sunday!! :D

  3. Here is a list of karma classes in Halifax & greater Halifax happening this month, in support of a Tibetan organization.

  4. Hi there,

    A class for your affordable list that will interest PARENTS and their TWEENS:

    Pure Freedom Yoga has a very affordable drop-in yoga class for Tweens, it started last Spring:

    Yoga for Tweens(8-13 years) Saturdays 12:10-1pm -- ($5+tax drop-in)



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