Monday, July 29, 2013

A Sci-Fi, Fantasy Girl at Heart: The Gandalf Award

I don't generally pass along awards. Oh I know, that sounds so snooty of me, but what I mean is that I really appreciate them- they are fun, (most often) kind and a great way to pay some link loving forward. It's just sometimes they can go ON with the same ole same ole blog awards. Like that chain letter you just risk the "forever having face warts if you don't keep the chain going" curse and say "eff this noise, I am SO over you chain letter". Or something to that effect.

However, last week I received the COOLEST award ever... the Gandalf Award:
"The Gandalf the Gray Award- When you make a point your arguments are so thought out and so persuasive no counter argument can stand"
(Awww- thank you Christopher from Modern Man of the Cloth- I am honoured!)

Tolkians; ouuu and ahh with me. My absolute favourite part of the entire trilogy of movies was when Gandalf shouted "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!". Gandalf went from being a "meh" character in the books to a "you kick some serious orc butt! I heart you!".

Today I found myself in the lunchroom explaining the theory and history behind Prometheus and the Alien quadrilogy to my coworkers and how, in actuality, the face huggers and Alien actually are the result of human-goop-engineer interaction. I realized that perhaps I am a geek, because even though I know all this mostly from Andrew who LOVES the Alien franchise, when a coworker asked why I didn't just block him out while he geeked out over Alien, I had to admit that I found it interesting. (unlike accounting, that I definitely block out).

I have read all of the Dune books written by the original author (I tried reading his son's Dune books but they were terrible). I love Star Trek, specifically Voyageur (which I know is disliked by most Trekkies), and Star Wars... (and if we were honest Stargate SG-1, I mean who can say no to MacGyver?) and anything Joss Whedon (Firefly and Dr Horrible Sing-a-long blog anyone?). And well, most any sci-fi television show out there. (oh Sam and Dean, you are so adorable).

I will see any comic book movie, no matter how terrible (and yes that includes Cat Woman and the latest Wolverine movies- why can't they just make a Gambit movie? He was my favourite), and I am currently re-reading the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton. Name a sci-fi fantasy series with a strong female character and I have read it. (If you haven't already, check out Kim Harrison's The Hollows books- ADORE!).

If you haven't seen this video of John Hodgeman giving a speech on Jocks vs Nerds in 2009, it is worth the watch!

Being a nerd is cool, as you can see from the video above, so I want to thank Christopher from the Modern Man of the Cloth for gifting me with the BESTEST award in blogging I have ever received.


  1. Oh, how wonderful to find another woman who loves sic fi and fantasy as much as I do! I am a nerd, loud and proud. Asimov, the Foundation books, wow. The Dune books (no, not the son, those are an abomination) completely blew my mind, especially the latter few. My husband, a fellow nerd, made me put away my Star Trek Next Generation poster and action figures when we moved in together. His being a nerd is what brought us together (he used to own a comic and collectibles shop, and a portion of his inventory is still in our garage).

    A wonderful award indeed! Congratulations.

    p.s. Have you read the Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars and Blue Mars) by Kim Stanley Robinson? Another series that changed how I see the world and the universe.

  2. I also really enjoyed the Anita Blake book. Curious what you think of Hamilton's Merry Gentry series?

  3. Really enjoyed this..I loved the Gandolf cartoon- made me giggle. I am currently pondering some sci-fi writing, I feel like it runs in my bones (thanks to my Dad's obsession with The Next Generation) and am beginning to feel like this is the direction I want to head in. I am a slowly succumbing to the call of being a fully fledged sci-fi geek!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Thank you so much for your site. I and an Eco- scifi fan and write in that genre too. It is a small sub genre that Amazon doesn't recognize but I persevere. I have four books out in my series and another queued up for the end of the year.
    -Holly Barbo


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