Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mini Snow Streets: Nostalgia

Stomping around in the snow friggin' rocks.

I love the squishy, slide-y, crunchy feeling of the snow beneath my boots. The snow softly falling in big lazy flakes. The wind howling the tiny itty bitty snow flakes at my face.
(Skating at the oval- free outdoor skating! although not as fabulous as the lake- and extremely crowded- I would take skating outside on the oval over in the rink any day! Photo taken by the fabulous Steph of Love and Anchor- wedding cinematography and photography. Shared w permission)

I've always loved the cold Canadian winters and every city I've lived in gets snow.

Growing up one of my favourite things was to be towed behind the four wheeler in our GT snowracers. Or to grab hold onto the fourwheeler on the lake and be towed with our skates on (we ruined a few four wheeler seats with the blades of our skates this way... dad was NOT very happy).

(My brother towing his step-son on the GT Snowracer this winter)

Tip: place an old pillow in your skidoosuit bottom so that your bum stays cushy while four wheeling.

It's been a few winters since I've been able to get to my parents cottage for some winter time- ya know, jumping in the snow, skating on the lake, making home made ice cream and playing bid whist with friends. Or crokinole.

(the urban snow pedestrian streets in Halifax today)

Today, while out in the post storm weather, I was reminded of skating on the lake. The sidewalks are all plowed in these little miniature snow paths. The sides perfectly cut into mini pedestrian snow streets.
(My brother plowing a rink in front of our cottage this winter- taken by his lovely partner- Jade Malone of Sweet Simplicity photography. Photo shared w permission)

When we were little we used to take a shovel and 'plow' our own little mini ice streets on the lake off the main 'rink' dad had plowed with the four wheeler. These little 'streets' that we could skate through wound around on the lake, ending in large circular 'houses' and rooms. Each kid had their own that we'd be busy visiting, making snow seats to chill in between re-plowing the ice paths. (there were 7 cottages in our part of the lake of kids all our age).

I need to get my mom to send up my skidoo pants... 

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  1. Awesome post! It's refreshing to read about someone actually having fun in the snow rather than all the complaining about it!
    Love the pics...and we have "mini sidewalks" here too, thanks to snow shovels and snow blowers.


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