Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Eco-Face Routine for Sensitive Skin

EcoYogini's Eco-Face Routine:

Non-cleaning steps:

  1. Wash makeup brushes weekly. Makeup, sweat, dirt particles stick on those bristles- rubbing that all over your face only helps breakouts. Using your shampoo, gently clean and allow to dry overnight.
  2. Rinse out the conditionner from your hair BEFORE you wash your face. Conditionner along the hairline of your face can cause breakouts.
(NB: I have Rosacea, combination skin and I tend to break out. I started using this routine because all of the 'sensitive skin' moisturizers and facial washes made my face enflame. Including straight up oils like 'jojoba' and 'almond' oil. Everyone is different, but this is what works for me).

(My honey jar all full!)

My face staples:

  1. Honey as a face wash. It's been two years since I've ONLY been using honey to wash my face and I would never go back. It's the only thing that cleans without drying out my skin or making it bright red and blotchy. I use raw honey that I buy from the market (and Halifax crafter's) so it's unrefined. 
    • Why Honey? It's moisturizing, anti-microbial, antibacterial, it's gentle, it's cheap, and healing. Check out Crunchy Betty's blog post for more details on why Honey as face wash rocks.
    • Unrefined honey means that it can crystalize easier. The little crystals add a gentle exfoliation aspect (feels like sugar). You can easily control the amount of crystals by rubbing the honey between your hands more (for less crystals) or less (for more exfoliation action).
  2. Lavender oatmeal exfoliant mix. I got this idea from a store bought version and though to make my own. It's so easy, lasts forever and affordable! It leaves my skin gorgeously soft (the oatmeal) and is extremely gentle. I've convinced my friends who all now have their own oatmeal lavender stash as well. 
  3. Almond or jojoba oil as eye makeup remover. Honestly, I'm not sure why people even buy makeup remover when a drop of oil on a q-tip (or homemade felted squares) works just as well. AND it's moisturizing along your peepers!
  4. Flower Elixer by Five Seed. This fabulous mixture is made with healing oils that are infused with healing herbs and it smells just like Tang. No really. I use a few drops only of this after I wash my face at night. It has been amazing.
(My oatmeal lavender scrub all ready to be jarred!)

My one not so chemical free face component is my actual daily moisturizer which is currently Lush's Celestial. It works beautifully but does have parabens which doesn't make me happy. I've been so impressed with FiveSeed's Flower Elixer and how my skin is actually happy with straight up oil that I might try argan or sunflower oil... I will keep you posted!


  1. for moisturizer, after doing a thorough search of several stores in my town, i found nubian heritage, which basically uses just shea butter and essential oils, no parabens or unfamiliar ingredients. hm unfortunately it looks extra expensive to have it shipped outside the US :-(

  2. For the past few months I've been washing my very sensitive face with Dr. Bronner's Tea tree oil soap, cleansing it with a hemp mitt to help exfoliate, and using a tiny bit of coconut oil as a moisturizer during this cold winter months. Shockingly, my skin is better than it's ever been! I definitely thought the coconut oil would break me out, but it doesn't at all!

  3. LOVE! Great, great ideas here!! (I still use my felted squares from Jen, too, BTW!!) Thank you so much for the mention!

  4. Great article! I've never tried honey, but I LOVE Five Seed's Panacea makeup remover. Oh my gosh it's awesome. I use that and the Flower Elixir, which I also love. I haven't noticed a Tang smell (smells like a field of flowers to me), but that's funny :) Thank you for sharing your natural skincare routine with us :)

  5. awesome - have been contemplating the honey thing for a while. i don't wear makeup so i don't have brushes to worry about or stuff to remove :)

    ps - would be cool if you had a Twitter icon on your posts so we can share cool stuff like this super easy :)

  6. Based on what I read on your blog I started using honey on my extremely sensitive skin two months ago. I love it, my skin feels happier than it ever has before, and like you I don't think I'll ever try another cleanser. Thank you for writing this blog!


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