Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Lady Guadalupe and Rabbit Tracks

A day of driving- my yearly visit to Cape Breton 'pour les enfants francophones'- and it was such a gorgeous day. Why more people don't visit Cape Breton I have no idea. I just wanted to gush, to myself, at every little peak into rural Nova Scotian goodness. Obviously the city is eating away at me.
(tiny little 'lapin' (rabbit) tracks were all that marred the snow surrounding the church)

In Johnstown I spotted the most beautiful little church on top of a hill overlooking the vast Bras d'Or lakes (literally translated from French as 'Golden Arm'). In order to share the beauty with you, my lovely blog peeps, I braved the (pure ice) driveway only to discover it was even more magical than I first thought.

(Guadalupe Chapel, Johnstown CB)

This little church has a shrine to 'Our Lady Guadalupe' enveloped in the pristine white snow with a clear view of the frozen lakes. All I could hear was the wind and the 'ocean'esque sounds of the lake. A priest from  the parish had visited Mexico and immediately fell in love with the local fascination and worship of 'Our Lady Guadalupe'. After commissioning a fresco made in Mexico, the shrine was built and dedicated in Cape Breton in 1963.
(I love the colours and the rose!)

It's like a little bit of Mexico surrounded by snow...

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