Monday, December 24, 2012

Quick and Easy Holiday Scents

Happy Yulemas Eve!

Here at the EcoYogini household it's been a bit busy- cleaning, baking and gift wrapping. We have to go to New Brunswick on Boxing Day for a wedding... so it will continue to be a bit quiet on the blog front.

In case you're having guests over like we are over the holidays and have realized that perhaps you should have washed the burners out and "oh crap" now the entire place smells like smoke and the market is closed and you forgot to buy those yummy smelling soy candles....

Here are a few quick and easy ideas to make your place smell delicious over the visiting season. Without using toxic chemicals :)

(My three pomanders- they smell pretty fantastic!)

1. Make some pomanders. I would recommend making more than one... since they actually don't smell *that* strongly. I made three and I'm looking forward to their scents over the following few weeks. I also recommend using a knife to pre-poke the holes for the cloves... otherwise they can really hurt your fingers.

2. Bake some cookies... and bonus- you have cookies to eat in the end!

3. Make a DIY oil burner using a tin can, tea light and essential oil. Kinda reminds me of a bunsen burner, but for essential oils!

4. DIY your own oil diffuser: a few comments on this recipe though: maybe instead of expensive vodka (like the Grey Goose in the photo) use cheap vodka... and since we're strapped for time- any jar and kitchen skewers will do :)

5. Boil some spices: In a small saucepan add cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and some nutmeg to an inch of water. Bring to a boil and then leave on minimum for 10 minutes. Shut off the burner and allow the scents to spread out through your space!

6. Make your own "fabreeze"- Fill an old spray bottle with water. Add 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil. Spritz liberally in the corners of your space and on your furniture. Reapply as needed.

7. (My favourite): Home made apple cider. In a large pot add two cartons of real apple juice (not from concentrate). The best would be from the market... but honestly even from a can would work. Add cinnamon sticks, nutmeg and an quartered orange pierced with whole cloves. Bring to a simmer and serve! (adding spiced rum is optional :) ).

I hope your Holiday Season is filled with laughter, joy and love! (and yummy smells!)
Joyeuse fĂȘtes!


  1. Hope you've had a happy holiday, scents & all, EcoLisa!

  2. Such lovely ideas! Happy Yulemas to you too!


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