Monday, December 17, 2012

Ideas for the Holiday Spirit

I am in the Yulemas spirit this month. I'm not sure what it is, but yoga has definitely taken a back seat while I grab onto quiet moments in this busy time (I have definitely had "nothing" times like I said we should!).

It's really interesting how when I don't practice yoga asana regularly what type of asana my body starts to crave. It's mostly downward dog that I miss the most and I catch myself thinking in the most random places during my day "I just wish I could move into downward dog right now"... (especially last friday while Andrew and I babysat the most cutest 10 week old baby... once he finally went to sleep we both immediately dropped into downward dog and downward puppy).

As always the pull to SHOP is right there at the surface, the icky evidence of our commercialized culture. But, this year I really just want to do the more meaningful things, that cost less and involve memories and traditions.

I think this urge is pretty darn healthy for our planet and soul... but is easily set aside in our busy lives. So... take a minute to commit to a new tradition that has nothing to do with spending and everything to do with family and friends.

A few things we've done and want to do this year:
1. Listen to Christmas music while hanging out. Yep, Andrew was kind enough to create a jazz Christmas playlist for us (with a few of my favourites I'm going to request be added). We just turn them on in the middle of the afternoon and instant Yulemas spirit.

2. Offer Eggnog, complete with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves sprinkled on top, as a drink option when guests come over. You might even want to keep a bottle of rum as an evening option... :)

3. Make paper snowflakes. They are pretty easy (especially according to Martha's guide...) and look fabulous. You could use scrap paper or left over wrapping paper. They look great on windows and doors.

4. BAKE. No really. I have this wicked recipe for eggnog shortbread cookies. BEST COOKIES EVER. Put on your fav holiday music, enlist a helper and make it fun! Even better, make double batches so you can place some cookies in mason jars and give them as gifts to your neighbours :)

5. Have a holiday gathering Yulemas Eve. This is more of a Lisa's family tradition than Andrew's. My family always always had my parent's friends over for drinks, snacks and general merriment after the evening French mass. It's the excitement, the magical feeling of the eve that makes this special. This year Andrew and I are starting our own, since enough of our friends aren't going home (away) for Christmas. It involves minimal planning and snacks, just beverages and friends.

6. Go for a drive or walk to look at the lights. We used to count the houses... but that's because I lived in a tiny village of 500 people... soo.... there weren't THAT many houses with lights. :) In Halifax there are two brothers (doctors) who live side by side that duke it out for the 'BEST' lighted house competition. You know where it is when there are cars pulled up on the side of the busy street with people just staring...

Here are a few other fun ideas in Halifax:
1. Go see a play. Like Elf, or the Nutcracker. I heard Elf was fantastic.... and I adored the movie.

2. Go to a Donation Yoga Class: like Food for Flow- where donations are to Feed Nova Scotia.

3. Rent (or find) your favourite holiday movie, pop some popcorn and settle in to watch! Every year Andrew and I watch another Die Hard... cuz ya know- they're mostly xmas movies... :)

And... thought I'd share with you this video- Love it!!


  1. I'm definitely taking a lot of downtime, too! And enjoying it. I love your ideas!

  2. Enjoy your downtime sistah!
    Yulemas...I love it and it's my new word!!! I love doing yoga, I always feel balanced and centered and much more equipped to deal with whatever, when I start my day with my Rodney Yee dvd on my living room floor. I am definitely making a daily commitment to it for 2013.
    Eggnog- love it....shortbread- not so much, and although the cookie recipe looks divine, I'm sticking with my "anything that contains chocolate" cookies.


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