Friday, October 26, 2012

GPB: Being a Tourist in Your Own Town is Cool!

Instead of travelling down south this year and creating more carbon emissions and spending money, how about considering being a tourist in your own town?

Come check out my post at the Green Phone Booth, complete with fantastical autumn photos, on my trip to the Annapolis Valley last weekend!


  1. Love your post over at the Green Phone Booth!
    I never knew about it my links now!
    Thanks for sharing such a cool "staycation" idea and great pics!

  2. My husband & I totally just did this for our anniversary! We're residents of St. Augustine, FL. We checked into a B&B downtown & proceeded to do a whole slew of touristy things we'd never done--just because we live here!

    Added bonus: we already knew all the best spots to eat (and discovered one more)!.


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