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All Hallow's Read: Scary Book Recommendation LinkUp!

I heart Halloween. It's my favourite time of year (especially since my birthday is SO close to Halloween!). I'm not, however, a fan of all the wasteful candy packaging, the plastic cheap costumes and disposable decorations.

I am a fan of reading.

Therefore- I was EXTRA excited when a friend of mine posted this initiative by Neil Gaiman (he is so cool!) on a new tradition for Halloween: "All Hallow's Read". Instead of giving candy, consider giving a scary book for Halloween, or reading a scary story. Check out this fabulous video by none other than Mr. Gaiman himself:

(teehee, I love the zombies in the background)

Since buying books could get pricey, and since we don't get trick or treater's here at the apartment anyway (sad face), I figured we could give the gift of book recommendations here on this blog!

How about this: I go first and then you all link up using the link thingy below, or link back to your blog post in the comment section, or comment with your recommendations.

Recommendation guidelines (one or all 3):
- an adult book
- a teen novel
- a children's book

Feel free to retweet using the hashtag "#AllHallowsRead" and share the book reading wealth!

EcoYogini's All Hallow's Read Recommendations:
The Magicians by Lev Grossman
Ok, so not Horror scary, but the creepy factor and build up in this book is fantastic (especially "the Beast" character). It's basically "Harry Potter" and "Chronicles of Narnia" stories, but written as if they could really happen... for adults only (swearing, disturbing concepts and nudity are here!).

(My children's rec: Spin to Sea cover!)

The Witching Hour by Anne Rice
If you haven't read this yet, you are way behind! It's an uber novel set in New Orleans with a family of witches, a hereditary ghost and some crazy happenings. I'm actually due for a reread. It's Anne Rice at her best.
(My favourite artwork in the book- sadly her painting of this page wasn't for sale...)

Spin to Sea by Izra Fitch
This book has rhyming paragraphs that aren't too lengthy with gorgeous artwork that were painted by the author herself... who just happens to be the 15 year old daughter of a well known Nova Scotian Artist. It's about a small community's tradition of letting jack-o-lanterns go floating in the atlantic ocean. Love!

Remember Me by Christopher Pike
Yep, with the resurgence of vampires and horror in teen pop culture, we see some of my classic teen novels being reissued. Like the Remember Me series. Such classics (ah nostalgia).


  1. Ok, I am coming up blank on children's and teen novels, but let's see what I can do with adult.

    'Salem's Lot - Stephen King
    Remember when vampires were supposed to be scary? King presents vampire as if they are actually horror creatures trying to kill you. This is probably one of King's best books, and I don't feel it suffers from his usual MO of compelling characters, great story, awful ending.

    Let The Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist
    Almost like Lindqvist took Twilight and made it good. The story of a boy who gets bullied at school, and how his life changes when a little girl vampire moves in next door. Scary moments, sad moments, slightly disturbing moments. A good October book.

    The Road - Cormac McCarthy
    At times disturbing, sad and powerful. Not really horror, but it is the kind of story that will haunt and stay with you. A post-apocalyptic story about a man and his son trying to survive without enough to eat, trying to make it to the coast before winter.

    1. I haven't read Stephen King since high school, but I remember really liking 'Salem's Lot. For me, King's scariest works are The Shining and "The Breathing Method," which is the last story in Different Seasons. Have you read the comic American Vampire? King co-wrote the first volume (I don't know if he did more) and it was decent. The vampires definitely did not sparkle.

      I should read Let the Right Once In. I adore that film.

      The Road is something I don't even like to think about. That book wrung me out emotionally, then Daryl made me watch the movie and I was SO DEPRESSED afterwards. It was amazing, but I never, ever, ever want to be exposed to that story again.

    2. I agree Jenn, I only got through 20min of the movie The Road, and since Andrew had already told me everything about the book, my shocked and depressed face made him feel bad and he turned it off... lol.

  2. Alright Andrew, let's balance your knowledge of adult novels with mine of YA literature.

    Can't think of any I've read in recent years except Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. This seems so obvious, but it's one of my faves. I thought about including Dracula, but Frankenstein is the superior novel (in my not-so-humble opinion). If you've never read it, check it out.

    This Dark Endeavour and Such Wicked Intent, both by Kenneth Oppel. These are the first two books in his planned trilogy of Frankenstein prequels. Reading about Victor Frankenstein as a teen with the knowledge of what he will do as an adult is thrilling and dreadful all at once. If you like Frankenstein, it's worth picking this up. Oppel is such a great writer and obviously has an intimate knowledge of Shelley's classic.

    Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride (currently reading) has garnered more than a few Buffy comparisons. Sam is a 19-year-old college dropout working in fast food who one day discovers he's a necromancer. I have some issues with the plotting of this novel, but overall it's clever (lots of pop culture references) and has some decent scary/creepy moments. The sequel is out now and is called Necromancing the Stone (these titles are amazing).

    The Diviners by Libba Bray chronicles a series of paranormal murders in 1920s New York. Another book that deftly balances humour and horror. It's also the first novel to have really creeped me out in a long time (haunted houses are the scariest). I LOVED this book and am so happy it's the first in a series.

    YA Honourable Mentions (haven't read these yet): The Monstrumologist series by Rick Yancy, Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, Rotters by Daniel Kraus.

    Seems like a cheat considering who initiated All Hallow's Read, but I have to go with Neil Gaiman's Coraline. Buttons for eyes. Need I say more?

    1. Dude, i am TOTALLY reading the Diviner's right now (just started yesterday after writing this post) and am KICKING myself for not including it in my list. It is CREEPY!!!

      also- i am so picking up Hold me closer necromancer (teehee, elton john!)- buffy references? yes please!

      and... andrew wants me to read frankenstein! :)

    2. Yay, I'm glad you're reading The Diviners! It is creepier than I expected. Naughty John is nightmarish.

      I should clarify about Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. There are no Buffy references, but many reviews I've read have compared it to Buffy (reluctant hero with tremendous power who cracks wise and makes lots of pop culture references).

      Yes, read Frankenstein! It is just a terrific novel.

    3. OH! I thought of another children's novel - Wait Till Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hahn. I read this book at least three times when I was in elementary school and every time it scared the bejesus out of me.

      Ok, I'm done taking over your comment section. Book recommendations are the best!

  3. Hey! I have a blog for young adult/children's books, and I've just been doing a section called "the Slighly Sinister". Here's my list:


    Happy Halloween!


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