Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Very Mindful Wedding- Where Is My Guru GP!

The wind is howling outside our apartment. It's a bit more than what we expect, but we still have power and, well, it's always windy and howling in Halifax.

The wind often makes me feel a weird combination of at home and powerless all at once. It was fitting that on our wedding two years ago we also received the tail ends of a tropical storm- home and chaos fit perfectly in those last few days and hours with my emotional state.

A month ago, Heather from Namaste Heather and Where is My Guru, contacted me asking if I'd like to do a blog post on "A Very Mindful Wedding" as the founder of WIMG Jess's own wedding is happening shortly. After two years I felt like I was finally ready to reflect and share a few thoughts on what I felt a "Mindful Wedding" could be.

I hope you enjoy it and that you are all keeping safe and warm during the windy chaos.

 Strength and Healing to all those who are affected by Sandy.

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