Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easy Ink Remedy for the Clumsy

I am the most klutziest person I know. I stub my toes, bang my elbows and hit my knees so often I'm surprised I still have appendages instead of nubs...

One such example is how I'm constantly inking all over my shirts and pants (and arms...). Being a hand talker (yay Acadian heritage!) also results on excitedly "writing" all over my work clothing. A few weeks ago I actually had a lovely contemporary art piece of the blue line period all over the front of my white handmade shirt. Awesome. Being environmentally friendly means that we don't have much in chemical "stain removers" in this house, which includes the go-to, sworn by many, Tide Pen.

I just cross my fingers and hope it comes out in the wash.

It didn't.

I figured I'd have to throw it out... until I heard on "Plus on est de fous, plus on lit!" French cbc radio show host reviewing a French "Home DIY" recipe book that suggested using rubbing alcohol for ink. Sure? Why not?

Since I had zero directions on exactly how to do this- I figured I'd just wing it.

Magically, it worked!! Twice now I've used rubbing alcohol and it has COMPLETELY gotten rid of all traces of pen ink. Not even one little iota is left from the plate sized scribbles that completely covered my white shirt. Tide pen?? No need!!

How to Rubbing Alcohol Away your Ink Woes:
- In a clean sink place your item of inked clothing
- pour some rubbing alcohol over the ink until it's soaked through
- leave for a while (15minutes should be fine)
- OR place in hamper to be washed.

Ok, I now this is difficult to see, but the blue splotches were actually ALL OVER my shirt. This is after I washed my shirt- the stains remained....

After 15min in the sink with rubbing alcohol- poof! Completely gone!


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