Monday, January 2, 2012

Eco Winter Coat for Yulemas!

I did it Eco-Yogis. The ridiculous, beautiful Eco-Lovely Winter Coat that Captain Planet would be proud to wear is now in my possession. The Hemp Hoodlamb Long Coat.

A wonderful contribution for Yulemas from my mom (who sighed and said, "Well, why buy you stuff that you don't need if I can help you get something that you do need?") allowed me to take the plunge where I'd otherwise have never afforded to. Although the outer portion was reused packaging, sadly the box itself doesn't seem to be made from recycled cardboard and the coat was in a plastic bag (INSIDE the box. Really??).

That said the coat is gorgeous, insanely warm and heavy! Just a quick recap on it's amazing eco-qualities:
55% Hemp, 45% organic cotton outer shell
20% Hemp, 35% recycled PET Satifur lining
Hemp organic cellulose water and wind resistent treated
Fake fur lined outside pockets

 (it fits perfectly! That monster-tree in the background is our organic Yulemas tree Bob who is half dressed.... lol)
 Making silly faces cuz I'm so excited about the new coat!

Currently in Halifax, the latest "it" coat is the Canada-Goose coat, made from chemically petrochemical derived treated outer shells, goose down feather filled and coyote fur hood lined... ick.

The patented "paper dispenser" pocket. And yes, every inch of the inside is lined with the recycled PET "fur". Warm and cuddly!

There are also about a zillion secret pockets and a little "paper dispenser" that I'm going to put my yogAttitude inspirational words inside (Canada may be a bit more lax in it's culture around weed than the States, but it's just not really my thing... lol).

We had a few zippy days here in Halifax over the holidays so I was able to test it out. It ROCKED.

One small downside: a quick peek at the tag and I quickly saw the whole "designed in Amsterdam, made in China" crap. Le Sigh.

Tomorrow is my day back to work after a luxurious vacation and my walking to the ferry will start again!

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  1. If only companies understood we don't care where things are designed if they're then outsourced to cheap labour in China!

    That said, lovely coat. Happy New Year, Lisa!

    I got a cash donation from my sister towards an eco-friendly new yoga mat. It's ordered and on the way. Yay :)

  2. It looks AWESOME! Glad to hear mama helped you get something so perfect for you. It looks adorable on you and now you'll be!

  3. Happy New Year!

    What a wonderful coat!

  4. WAY TO GO!!! It's awesome, and I echo what svasti wrote. I refuse to buy anything made in China and it's getting more and more difficult to find alternatives.
    You look fabulous, the coat rocks and so do you!!! Enjoy the just finally got really COLD here!

  5. i see you are going to be blogging on the green phone booth:) I have been reading that on and off for years, it's great.


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