Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Niggling, Wiggling Unfurling to a New Path in 2012

2012 is the year of being 30. ACK. THIRTY. Trente. Shu dans mes trentaines. I don't feeeel thirty (perhaps it's the fact that I work with preschoolers?).

As I've written, New Year's resolutions are not for me. That said, I definitely have a little niggling, wiggling thing. A bud. A something in the center of my chest. Metaphorically, but it's weirdly manifesting as a physical sensation. This niggling thing feels like it's waiting for a momentous *thing* to happen this year. Some event that will allow it to flourish, open up and stretch out.

Weird, I know.

Therefore, although I'm not going to have "resolutions" per se, I think a few comments on a more Authentic Path (inspired from Simply Authentic hehe- thank you!) would be a lovely exercise.

Firstly, to move forward I need a quick peak back to 2011:

The new snow last January 2011

Word of the year: WORK, work and more work. 2011 was the year of my job. I traveled to Ottawa, Montreal (twice!) and all over the province for work. I gave presentations to countless groups of parents, early childhood educators, teachers, SLP colleagues, principals and began the huge Hanen program LLLI. All in French. I was interviewed three times by the radio, wrote a few articles that got published, implemented bilingual standards of care for the entire province, co-taught the SLP master's pediatric dysphagia class, helped plan a provincial Expo, took evening French language classes... sigh I was busy and am very proud of all that I accomplished that year.

Our trip to PEI six months ago

That said, I feel like everything else has taken a back seat. I didn't write as much music and my yoga practice in the studio disappeared into oblivion. My first year of marriage and really it's work that stands out.

My eco Halloween as the Paper Bag Princess costume

Also, my environmental journey hasn't really made any huge steps.
Some notable changes:
- We successfully made and preserved jam (yum!)
- I now wash my face with honey
- I started sewing more
- We rode our bicycles in the summer (but not nearly enough)
- We went to the farmer's market a lot more
- I started drinking loose tea
- I stopped dying my hair (no more highlights!)
- we tried rooftop gardening and failed miserably
- we started drinking whole milk from local cows
- we got a dishwasher

Wow... not that impressive huh?

Ok. So. I'm thinking, 2012- the year of 30. Needs to be a little more artsy, more guitar-ing, more singing, more writing, more yoga-ing, more ART-ing.

Some ideas to make this happen:
Writing-Guitar-ing-ART-ing: last year this "resolve" dissolved (haha). It's time to do what worked when I was in university; go to a coffee shop and write over yummy coffee. We live in the city and have fabulous coffee shops nearby. It's time to take an evening every week for a little coffee/writing jaunt.
Also, using the once a week that Andrew is in an evening class to practice and create songs instead of reading a book or watching tv would be a good goal.

Yoga: I'd like to actually make an effort to attend karma classes this year. I'm making plans with my friend yoga crew to crash some local studios en masse.

Work: No more taking extra, after work language courses, agreeing to co-teach the master's pediatric dysphagia course, checking emails from home...

Blog: Announcement!! I was so surprised and honoured to be invited to write for the FABULOUS Green Phone Booth!! As of this month, every two Fridays I'll be writing over at the Booth... yay Eco Superheroine!

Environment: on that line of thought, I'd really like to make ONE (only one) other large life change in decreasing my impact on the planet. This is going to take some thought, because if I go too big it just won't work. I'll keep y'all posted on this one :)

NEXT: Tomorrow evening I'll be taking key words from the above Paths and will be ART-ing all over a page. This page will be put up in the kitchen for daily viewing, reminding and smiling.

anyone else for the niggling, wiggling feelings?

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  1. Nice post!
    No resolutions for me either... But maybe
    some life changes.
    Have you discovered the joy that is Sawadee
    Tea House on Grafton? Fabulous loose leafs
    and a charming owner! A must see...
    Happy 2012 Ecoyogini!!

  2. Bahaha---thanks for the shout out and I love reading your goals for 2012. I'm turning 30 this year too but I'm exited for it---at least at this point. :)

    Wowzers and congrats on all you accomplished for work related awesomeness during 2011! I'm so glad you wrote about it, as it's awesome to hear of everything you did and you seriously do deserve a big pat on the back....and really it gives more insight into you on a whole 'nother level---which I love!

    Congrats again on the Phonebooth--I know you're going to be a great addition and I'll look forward to reading your posts!

    Have a great week ahead and I'm anxious to hear what this ONE change is. PS How is the honey for face wash working? I'm intrigued!

  3. ohhh now that sounds like a FUN word of the year! xx

  4. Hurrah! You got so much done last year. And your work sounds crazy, but really interesting.

    Congratulations on being asked to blog elsewhere too, that's a really big deal, so well done!

    I have put done my focuses for next year, rather than resolutions, which I think is more positive.

  5. Congratulations! I love the Green Phonebooth (which I conveniently discovered through your fabulous blog!). I enjoyed reading this post, you had a very busy year.

    The year I turned 30 was a huge year for me. I went back to school, changed careers, and really felt like I got my life together. I'm not sure why 30 is such a momentous year for so many, but it seems like it is.

    Enjoy your year of being 30! It really is a great year. Btw--your new coat is beautiful and the colour looks lovely on you :)

  6. Okay I gotta tell ya - ADORABLE paper bag princess costume!! LOVE IT !!!
    You're so cool!
    And you must tell me more about washing your face with honey...is it good for our skin? must be sticky and hard to wash off, no? sounds yummy though.
    Looks like you had a great and productive 2011.
    All the best to you in this coming year! Congrats on the new writing gig! I'm gonna have to pop over there and check it out!
    Gotta love drinking natural cow's milk - totally different experience, eh? I can now "taste" the chemicals in store-bought, machine-milked cow's milk.
    Writing in coffee shops - girl, you are speaking my language!!
    And 30 is fabulous!! It's gonna be a great year for you - your enthusiasm is contagious and I need that right now!!
    peace out!

  7. Ah don't worry about turning 30. Your thirties are about fifteen billion times better than your 20s. And you'll never feel 30 - you'll never feel anything. My mother is 70 but still feels 17 in her head...

  8. You are cute as a button in your Halloween costume!

    Thirty rocks!

  9. I heart that Halloween costume! I think I may keep it in my back pocket for my daughter. I hope I can talk her into it, because not only is it adorable, I think I could totally make it.

  10. So excited to have you over at the Booth! :) That's a great start to a promising new year. I look forward to seeing your environmental resolution. I've come up with a few resolutions myself and then thought, as I was washing the dishes last night, uh oh, what was my big one again?! Not a positive sign.

  11. you definitely should do karma classes! i'm in a "yogadharma" program now and we're studying karma in addition to asana. it's awesome!

    cool blog - i'm your newest follower


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