Friday, December 30, 2011

DIY Natural Face Exfoliant for NYE

New Year's Eve is coming upon us and I don't know about you all (y'all for my American peeps!), but I adore the self-painting and primping that is involved with the night. Beyond that, all that healthy sheen from a great yoga practice can benefit from a good cleaning on a regular basis.

I had given up facial exfoliants after realizing that most scrubs are either: A) made from small plastic nurdles making their way from my drain to fish bellies B) made from "natural" products that have sharp edges that will scratch and tear at my skin or C) made with dirt dissolving chemicals that are sketchy.

Unfortunately, with winter well on it's way, my skin is drying out and needs some exfoliation (my amazing honey cleansing routine just needs that little boost).

A few months ago a local company, Pur Alternatives, was sadly closing shop and having a ridiculous sale. I purchased a few products I wouldn't typically purchase, including a "natural" exfoliant using grains. I was skeptical that a jar filled with dry grains could do the trick. Except... this stuff was AMAZING. Seriously, the BEST EXFOLIANT EVER. And the ingredient list was stuff you can eat!

Recently, I ran out. So off to Planet Organic bulk and herb section to give my own version a try. I tried it this morning and it rocks! I had a funny feeling that the oats were the gently, moisturizing ticket and I was right. My mixture has only four ingredients, all naturally round and gentle on your skin, super easy to put together and will leave your skin soft and smooth!

EcoYogini Lavender Oat Exfoliant

Hardware: mortar and pestle (or something to squish the oats a bit)
                  large bowl
                  small glass container (could be a small jam jar)

Software: 1 tbsp of whole lavender buds (organic and ethically sourced is best!)
                 1/4 cup of rolled oats (not cooked)
                 3 tbsp of amaranth (easy to find at natural bulk stores)
                 1/4 cup of quinoa (white)
(Ingredient measurements are approximations, I actually didn't measure any of mine!)

In the mortar and pestle lightly crush the oats. You can leave some larger pieces, and truly this will be to what texture you'd like in your scrub.

In the bowl add all the other dry ingredients. As I didn't actually measure mine, feel free to add or remove to the amount of each you'd like. The lavender really makes it smell delicious, but once you add water that lavender smell disappears into the "oat".

Store in a small glass jar.

To Use:
In the shower (or at the sink), pour out about a teaspoon of grains into your palm. Drip a few drops of water into the scrub and gently massage over your face. Use once or twice a week only. For a fun facial mask add some yogurt and honey!

Now your face is all ready for some yoga-ing, dancing healthy New Year's Eve Shine!

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. Thanks so much!

  2. I will definitely give this a when I get back to Canada! Happy New Year!!

  3. Awesome!!! I have all the ingredients except amaranth, which I can pick up.
    A great way to prep my skin for 2012, which is going to be a great year of self care and finding a balance in my life. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you in 2012!!

  4. fun! i will definitely try making this.

    i've been on a DIY salt and sugar scrub kick lately. so fun and easy to make, great xmas presents too!

  5. I can't wait to try this! Also, I just saw that you're going to be posting at the Green Phone Booth this year... Congrats!


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