Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What Traveling Has Taught Me: Tim's Doesn't Serve their Coffee in "for here" mugs

My job means I travel every few months, which has been an adventure over the past two years. Except for that first big move to BC, most of my travelling has been with Andrew over the past six years. So it definitely was an adjustment to pack-up, kiss him 'bye, and drive off for 3,4,5,6 hours at a time, stay in a hotel by myself for a few days and return.

Surprisingly, there are a few things that I've learned about myself in this process:

- Eating by yourself in restaurants must start with a hotel because there are usually a bunch of businessmen there by themselves too- so you're not the only one!

- If I'm hungry enough, though, I will definitely eat ANYWHERE by myself. For example, this week I'm eating at the hotel's fancy schmancy hotel... by myself. Which is a big deal. Last night I read out of my book, tonight I'm typing a blog post. I feel a bit weird, like one of "those", but darnit I'm hungry and don't feel like staring into space.... (that and I finished my book)

- I will take yoga where ever I can get it. 10 min in my hotel room? Sure thing! Some breathing and quiet space between presentations and consultations? Yep!

- I can make herbal tea out of anywhere that can heat water. Including using a coffee pot. I usually dump the tea bits in the toilet, rinse out my tea mug and I'm all ready to go for another cup!

- I am a neat hotel person. I hate leaving a mess for the staff to clean up. It's kinda like when you're a guest at someone's home. You know they're going to wash the sheets after you leave, but you make the bed anyway, to be polite.

- Local yoga studios are like part of a tourist attraction. I feel like I'm collecting them almost. Like each new village, community, town that I visit I need to attend a yoga class. I'm always disappointed when a local studio doesn't have a class that I can attend (timing), or there isn't one. I'll even go so far as to email local instructors to see if they're teaching somewhere (google!). A bit compulsive? Yep!

- I love travelling in Nova Scotia since all the hotels compost and recycle- even in the rooms! I'm also always disappointed when my towels are changed each day, even though there are signs saying that if I hang them a certain way they won't be.

- Tim Hortons will NOT automatically serve you their crappy coffee in a "for here" mug even if you ask for it "for here".

My voyage home begins tomorrow!

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  1. We'll have to celebrate when you get back! :)

  2. I LOVE eating out by myself and a book is a must. I don't have to make anything and I don't have to clean anything up. I can just "zone out" for an hour or so. So nice. :)

    I've just started bringing tea with when I travel because I just can't justify spending $2.50US on a pot of tea when I know darn well my tea bag cost me less than $.50 cents. Not being a coffee drinker tho, find using coffee makers dubious because then my tea has residual aftertast of coffee. Bleh. Works good for homemade instant oatmeal tho.

    And yeah, big peeve here too re: changing towels *even tho* you hung them up like the card asked. I don't wash my towels every day at home, I can handle two days in a hotel without clean towels. >:(

  3. I love and loathe travelling by myself. The downside: there's no one to talk to. The ups: there's no one to talk to, so you have to go through all that stuff mentally, just you and your mind. It's almost like a kind of meditation - or writing a diary :)

  4. Ah, eating by yourself. A learned art.

    And, yoga studio touristing is the BEST!


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