Monday, December 5, 2011

A Lesson of My Own Agisms

Happy Monday!
Don't worry, my YogAttitude entry-peeps! I'll be writing your names down, cutting out the paper and placing them in a hat to be chosen soon. Right now I find myself 5hrs away from home, the in lovely town of Sydney Cape Breton. I'll be here for three days, presenting on bilingual language development and even a quick interview on the cbc!

I did manage to find time to squeeze in a yoga class this evening at a local studio- Tapestry. A blend of Ashtanga and Tripsichore, it was an interesting mix and I definitely enjoyed my practice while learning a few new things! The instructor, Anju, was supportive without being flowery and provided feedback without being too negative. The right amount of alignment with playfulness.

The best part- was the students themselves. In the small space (just enough for two rows of yoga mats, each against the opposite walls facing each other), the first thing I noticed were the men. It was the first time I've been to a class dominated by men. 8 men to the 5 women. And these were not all "gym" guys, ranging from young to mid-wisdomed, I could easily picture a few of them working at a local construction site or fishing alongside my dad. It was great!

Then, there were the women. I was the only classically stereotyped "yogini" there. Three more wisdomed women (one who called herself a senior) and one girl with fantastic tattoos on her feet and arms. I had a moment of, ahhh perhaps this class isn't going to be strong enough to get rid of my tension. Crazy how we judge based on appearances. I was quickly proven wrong, not only was the class a sweaty flow of breath, but those ladies kicked butt. My favourite was watching the "self proclaimed senior" kick up in headstand as if it were nothing at all. I was watching because there is no way my body can do that. lol.

There were many lessons in this class, braving a new studio as the only and most obviously "noob" in the class of regulars, accepting my own limitations and unconscious stereotypes and letting go of my own expectations.

I'm hoping to get an easy afternoon practice tomorrow between clinical assessment/consultation and parent presentation using my YogAttitude cards!

See y'all on the flip side of the island!

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