Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yulemas EcoYogi/ni Gift List

With my mom on her way up to Halifax for our annual "Yulemas" shopping, and this weekend being the Halifax Crafter's weekend, my mind is filled with how to purchase/make sustainable eco-gifts! (ps- if you haven't been to Halifax Crafters, I *highly* recommend it! Olympia Centre, 11am Sat & Sun- free admission!).

Following are two sections of gifts: "stuff" and "usables" for your favourite Eco-Yogi/ni!

1. Organic Yoga Mat Bag: No need for sweatshop stitches to carry your mat, this Yoga mat bag is handmade in the USA and made with organic cotton!

2. Recycled Yoga Mat Bag: I also adore this peaceful upcycled fabrics yoga mat bag. Beyond the fact that it's handmade (in Florida!), it also has cute pockets with recycled buttons!

3. Yogi Soap Gift Set: Even their soap can be EcoYogic! Fun, handmade soap with organic ingredients (with organic palm oil, so not so terrible!) and fun descriptions.

4. Bamboo Arm Warmers: Nothing is more fun than eco-friendly arm warmers, especially these extra long bamboo fabric purple ones! Perfect for that adventurous, outdoor asana yogini! (Plus, it's handmade in Canada!)

5. Yogi/Unisex Organic Cotton Shirt: I love this print and the funky tree-chakra dude. A great yoga shirt for the yogi in your life!

6. Ayurvedic Tea: I will admit I was a bit skeptical about this one, but let me tell ya, I am in LOVE with the Kapha Tea from David's Tea. With Licorice, organic ginger, cloves, organic cinnamon and more, it's a smooth tasty treat that rivals the famous Aveda's Tea... Just saying.

7. BeLove Shirts: Although I'd stay away from the Native American referenced shirts (as there's been a bit of contention regarding the recent "feathers" and Native American fashion trends), I do enjoy the Yogi for Life, Lila Cloak (Hemp, Organic Cotton), I Appear (Organic Cotton) and Seva (organic cotton) tops.

8. Eco Rubber Yoga Mat: After some thought, unless the yogi/ni in question is a regular mat destroyer, my eco-mat of choice is the Jade Encore Yoga mat (made with post consumer rubber!). For every mat purchase, Jade Yoga plants a tree!

1. A gift pass for your choice of classes to a local studio. This is a fantastic idea that would provide a yogi/ni the opportunity to experience and grow in yoga without adding to the "stuff" in their life. You could do a three, five or even ten class pass and instant yogic gift!

2. A subscription to Yogaglo. I love this idea as it is versatile and encourages the Yogi/ni to invest in home practice. Yogaglo means that your yoga practice can come with you anywhere, it has a ridiculous amount of class choices constantly being uploaded with real teachers and real students! Using Yogaglo also means no carbon in transportation to and from class, heating, lighting and running the space. You could do a two or three month subscription just to get your yogi/ni started!

3. A Yogi Class/Course Gift: Why not sign up your yogi/ni to a fun "yoga" course, like this Introduction to Ayurveda at Bhavana happening this January? Checking out local studios and healthy living organizations (such as a local Shambala Centre) to see whether there are any events like this happening near you.

Coming up- some DIY Yulemas ideas, eco-gift wrapping, cards and more!

Happy December!

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  1. Wonderful ideas here! I have to tell you I am so happy with Etsy sellers. I cannot seem to stop myself from buying something from a fellow Etsy seller once a month - it is such a TREAT to open my packages which are handmade, hand-decorated, handwritten, etc. There is really nothing like it!

  2. All great ideas! I love the arm warmers!!!! Have fun with your mom and say hello to her from both of us!

    We need to get together again soon!

  3. love the list. I hope to make a yoga mat bag in the new, use some of my fabric stash! Although I did have a blanket on my list.

  4. I really love it & I agree with Five Seed so nice blog ,keep it.

    Thank You,
    eco gifts


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