Sunday, April 3, 2011

High Fidelity

(pssst- have you noticed the new bloggy-banner for spring? It was taken on Barrington Street. The city commissioned various graffiti artists to paint ugly city-things not only to make them pretty, but to discourage other graffiti-ers from "defacing" them. It's like the "We wish" scene amidst a chilly cement spring).
My Top Five Eco-Yogisms

1. My prAna revolution natural rubber mat. I was fortunate enough to have bought it at a 50% discount last year. After a year of heavy use and it still looks barely worn.
2. My halfmoon cork block. It's heavy, sturdy and soft enough to be comfortable.
3. Vinegar and water with a spritz of lavender essential oil mat cleaner. Cheap, effective and easy on our water supplies.
4. Practicing Yoga outside. I cannot *wait* for 15 degrees+ weather.
5. Refusing to buy the trendy yoga merch.

My Top Five Eco-Loves

1. My flip and tumbles. They have helped me save countless plastic bags. By far the best compact reusable bag ever. Like little popples for your purse! ('80's child alert!)
2. Walking to work. Despite the fact that driving is quicker and cheaper than walking+ferry, I feel so much more grounded when I walk to work.
3. My klean kanteen coffee carafe. So easy to clean, no nasty petroleum leaching into my coffee.
4. Green Beaver moisturizer. The *only* moisturizer that works in the Canadian winters.
5. Andrew's home made bread. So tasty and preservative-free. Yum!

My Top Five Musics Today

1. Amelia Curran- Hunter Hunter.
2. Ariane Moffatt- Tous les sens
3. Radio Radio- Belmundo Regal
4. Jenn Grant- Getcha Good video was shot in Halifax!
5. Hawksley Workman- Your beauty must be rubbing off

What's your Top Five?

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  1. Love the new banner. Sounds like your city's come up with an idea similar to Philadelphia's mural project (which I've featured on my Y4C).

    The studio I go to has recently invested in those cork blocks--I find them a bit hard when used as support for bridge pose or a heart bench, but nicely sturdy for balancing poses for half moon.

    And, as for trendy yoga merch, you know the whole point of my practice is to look good in my Lululemon pants, but...seriously, don't own any, don't plan on it.

    For me the big thing with the changing seasons is being able to bike to yoga class (and elsewhere) again...(though at this point I'm still really missing my month of rolling out of bed and walking down the hall to yoga class)...


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