Monday, April 4, 2011

How to turn into a Cat Lady

Five signs you have gone from a ambivalent, probably runs over quails if they get in your way to crazy cat lady.

 (awww, isn't he just so cute? sadly Atreyu was a premature kitten, which means incubator prior to the SPCA and some pretty weird cat-deficiencies... he's our broken kitten and we love him)

1. You're excited to tell friends the latest, cutest thing your cat has done. This is the first sign and is a creeper. I mean, who wouldn't want to know just how CUTE your little kitten is? Then... then you get friends who obviously start making up the grocery list as you go on and on about your kitten. And you just.can't.stop.

(Everyone, meet Asteya. She pretends to be delicate, but she can kick some serious Atreyu a%$).

2. You get another cat because your first one is JUST SO LONELY all by his lonesome self. So you get a poor innocent cat for him to torture and terrorize. Ok, so now you have TWO cats to go on about and you refer to them both as "Kitten". Even though they are adult cats.

 (lick lick- BITE, chase attack, lick lick lick BITE.... after two weeks of supervised visits- Atreyu in the living room+kitchen, Asteya in our bedroom-bathroom, they are now like brother and sister. Only minimal hissing and fur flying)

3. Whereas once cats on furniture would have grossed you out, you now accept that as long as you clean furiously, cat #2 (Asteya) is actually a normally functioning cat and will jump a zillion feet high while cat #1 (Atreyu) watches from below in astonishment. You are no longer grossed out but think it's cute how she hangs out on the table next to your computer.

 The epitome of their personalities. Atreyu likes to sleep letting the world see what he doesn't got (neutered) and Asteya is very prim and proper.

4. Purring stops you in your tracks. Doesn't matter what you're doing. Oh, you were putting on makeup and Atreyu (cognitively impaired kitten #1) decides it's time for cuddles?? Ah well, makeup can wait.

 (awwww, so cute :))

5. While in downward dog the kittens decide it's cuddle with your face time... and instead of annoying you it makes you so very happy. The integrity of the posture will be sacrificed in order to avoid pushing your kittens off the mat.

Sigh, goodbye "pushes cats off of coffee table to protect food" Lisa and Welcome "Lisa, the Cat Lady".

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  1. This post makes me wish I was not allergic to cats.

  2. Heehee! Welcome to the club. Imagine my amusement when I noticed that I no longer care if my clothes are decorated with cat hair. :D

  3. Bahaha--i LOVE this and can oh so relate---except over here it's more like cats AND dogs. We aren't on the whole "our pets are our kids" bandwagon but we seriously talk about our pets and all their funny idiosyncracies all the time to people! They just bring so much joy to life. We never thought we'd be the type to have dog hair in the car or let the cats run around the house like crazies....and then life takes over! Glad you're enjoying your furry friends too and excited to hear you now have a second one! :) Only if you get 15 more will I start to worry about you ;)

  4. I like to think that you need at least three cats to qualify as a cat lady. Take this with a grain of salt, though, because it comes from someone who won't answer the phone if there's a kitty sleeping on my lap because I don't want to disturb her.

  5. I love this! I wish I could live with kitties (can't--allergic). They are both so adorable. BTW, does Asteya live up to her name and resist the temptation to steal Atreyu's food?

  6. @VeganB: hahah NOPE not at all. she would eat everything in sight if we let her (we monitory their eating and feed twice a day, so no free feeding).

    We think she was abandoned by her previous owners and left to fend for herself outside for a while when we got her. she was so skinny.:(

  7. COMPLETELY relate!!! My partner and I are total cat 'parents' to our fluffy, needy, neurotic animal.

    I have always been a cat lady though... I did at one point actually live with 12 cats!!! (1 mom, 2 kittens from a first litter, 9 from a second). Madness. :) I loved every unhygienic minute of it!

  8. this will be me, when i have my own apartment and live by myself... even weirder and more stereotypical, the SINGLE crazy cat lady! :-P


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