Monday, April 12, 2010

Yoga and Food... and some Link Love!

Rachel (Suburban Yogini) and I have done a bloggy energy exchange! Go on over and check out my post on Yoga and Food... and my thoughts on eating sustainably, vegan and vegetarianism. Also, while you're there check out here awesome vegan chocolate cookie recipe (yum!).

Also, while I'm chatting about other blogs here are a few new (to me!) that I have found:

Bob Weisenberg, American Gypsy, Padre e Hijo (what does that mean Bob?): You may recognize Bob as the wonderful author of 'Yoga Demystified', but maybe you didn't quite realize that Bob has MAD SKILLZ with guitar playing. Seriously. I mean I would drool a bit just listening. Take a listen. I hope he blogs soon about the Yoga Flamenco connection!

Operation Beautiful: A wonderful and empowering site that offers healthy advice for eating and body image. This woman has spurred a Guerrilla Yoga-worthy movement of posting little 'love' post its anonymously, taking a photo and sending it to her site. Telling the readers that they are beautiful. I LOVE reading about the daily bits of spreading the self-worth and her site is FILLED with useful information about dieting, body image, eating disorders and self-esteem.

Mama-Om: I adore this woman's perspective of motherhood and life. She has such calm and insightful ways of viewing her role as a mother and parenthood. I'm not a mother yet, but I hope to take some of her wisdom with me into my journey (some day).

Eat The Damn Cake: I just discovered this space, with a mission to get women to talk about their issues around body image. LOVE. It's honest, open and perfect. It's about time we connect and support each other on this taboo topic of the scary disordered eating thoughts we have.

Yogic Dancer: A dancer and yogini, she recently completed a personal yoga challenge and her thoughts were interesting and motivational. Her recent posts for A Green Spell's The Coil (coming up btw!! check it out!) were honest and respectful.

One Green Generation: This space is a HUGE resource for all you would be gardeners out there. From seed saving to garden planning to Urban gardening, this site has it all. Not only that, but Melinda so often opens up the discussion BEYOND the easy 'plant this and that' to how to build a community, why being 'green' is difficult, cultural and social issues. I love reading her thoughts. Check out her latest 'Are we abnormal?' for a fantastic read on sustainability, culture and body image.

Life on the Balcony: alright, like Melinda's, not really a new space for me, but I've come back to it this spring season. This space is fantastic for tips on how to be an urban balcony gardener, from plants that go together, organizing a pretty flower pot to types of soil. Seriously, awesome resource.

Flandrum Hill: Amy-Lynn is a talented photographer and naturalist in Nova Scotia. Her pictures really capture why I love this province and she always has posts on things I would normally consider mundane... until she writes about them. She makes rural Nova Scotia the magical place it used to be while I was growing up.

Funemployment DIY: This is my friend Jen's space! She is a ridiculous crafter, baker and DIY-er eco-extraordinaire. Seriously, I wish I could make cool stuff like she does. In any case, during a month of unemployment, she has decided (in her wisdom) to have a FunEmployment Month of sustainably DIY-ness. From a cool coat-rack shelf dealy to a beautiful gift for her pregnant sister, I love reading about her adventures :)

Hope that was a fun blog-hop! :)

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  1. Thanks for the links! Some of these blogs are really cool, and I'll be looking at them again!

  2. What a list! I've already hit a few and look forward to visiting them all...thank you for spending the time to share all of these!

  3. Thanks, eco.

    The "Yogic Dancer" caught my eye because I'm just starting to explore the historical connections between my two passions, flamenco and Yoga. I'm learning they are a lot deeper and more certain than I thought. Here's a site that deals with the dancing aspect: Always B Dancing that you and Yogic Dancer might enjoy. Love to hear from anyone who knows more about this.

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. Meant to include a link to my flamenco site, too:

    Padre e Hijo

  5. you're welcome! :)

    Bob- that was a fantastic site, and interesting how they have a history. Yoga is very graceful, like dance. I'd be interested in reading what you have found in your perusals... :)

    ALSO- like always I love listening to you play, and having it so easily accessible is ridiculously awesome. Thank you (everyone should check out Bob's mad guitar playing skills at his link!).

    hmmmmm, I think it's time I modify the above post to add this!

  6. Yay, I love finding new blog friends!

  7. Eco,

    I'm really excited about studying the connections between Yoga and flamenco. Last time I read about it many years ago it was very vague, like "Some say the Spanish gypsies might possibly have come from India many years ago...". Now it sounds like they are being much more specific. It's fascinating to me that these two seemingly disparate parts of me might not be so disparate after all.

    Yes, I love this new site I've found for my CD's. It's so much simpler than the last one I had.

  8. I so love when you do this! I am still following many of the blogs you posted last time. Thank you!

  9. Caitlin (from Operation Beautiful) is amazing! OB thte book comes out in August too AND she had a slot on Oprah's web TV channel. Check out her day to day blog too I'm kind of honoured to be on a link love post with her! *blush*

  10. much thanks for the link love. and for all the other fun links to check out :)

  11. I'm going to look up those links, they sound great!

  12. Thanks for this info! I am interviewing the Eat the Damn Cake girls for 5 Seed, thanks to you!

  13. oh thanks for the wonderful list! i look forward to checking them out. (love the new spring banner too!) hugs!!

  14. Thanks so much, EcoYogini! I'm excited to check out the other links, they look fantastic. I'm also re-exploring dietary choices lately, which have shifted & been influenced by time abroad, and welcome your insights on food and mindful eating! Bob- thanks so much for the additional dance link, I will definitely check it out!!

  15. Lisa,

    I think you mentioned before that you were interested in knowing a bit about Elizabeth Gilbert's new book, and I just wanted to let you know I've reviewed it in more detail on my blog. Hope you're having a great week!

    All the best,

  16. I love the IDEA and passion behind Operation Beautiful,,,I just hate the fact that unecofriendly post it notes are being used by the hundreds as the movement grows.

    Can you think of a more earth friendly way of doing it(I was wondering about writing notes on newsprint or ripping paper out of magazines or recycled paper? Hmmm I am sure you will come up with the best ideas!)

    Avoid the dreaded post-its !!!

  17. lots of great link lovin' here! i'm definitely going to check out these blogs. anything based on "funemployment" gets my attention!

    and love the new banner look! very springy!

  18. you know Anonymous, that is VERY interesting. I will give it some thought and write up a post shortly on some ideas. :)

    (I do kinda like yours, but I can think of some other ideas, who likes thousands of post its??)


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