Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring 2010 Bloggy Banner!

For a while now, every time I saw my banner I thought "Thank goodness there is no more snow!". Although a new banner was an obvious must, finding the time and inspiration to come up with a photo is a bit tricky.

Thankfully, today Andrew and I had the time to head on downtown for some coffee at JustUs! My original plan was to try to find pretty purple crocuses in the Public Gardens and take some pictures there. I wasn't 100% sure how we'd be able to "guerrilla Yoga" our way through it, since as you can see there are pretty strict rules for behaviour in the Halifax Public Gardens. I really don't see the point of having such a beautiful area if you can't enjoy it.

In any case, it was a moot point, since we got there and the gates were closed. Boo! So, right on the corner of Spring Garden and South Park (a pretty busy Haligonian street corner) I hopped up onto the ledge and tried a few postures. It was a bit sketchy, as it was windy and after going out last night my balance isn't the greatest. 

Ultimately, I like our final choice. Sitting in half lotus, hands at heart center, quietly observing the beautiful gardens. Kinda like what living in a city can feel like sometimes, wishing for more Nature while being surrounded by concrete, only experiencing our Earth from artificially constructed whims of the city's bureaucratic schedule. 

Within this I found a bit of peace, and let go my expectations of having a pretty flower photo, of exploring the Public Gardens with Andrew and enjoyed the moment.

Many Blessings and Happy Spring!

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  1. Oh, but I LOVE the new banner.


    I get giddy every time I see that you've changed it. (Geek! I say to myself under my breath...) YAY!!

  2. The new banner's gorgeous...too bad about the park being closed...

  3. I love the new banner and yes, you seem much at peace and tranquil. Dave and I visit the gardens at least once every summer, it is a place very dear to Dave as he lived next door for many years and visited often with his guitar.

  4. The new banner is so joyful!

    Enjoy your Spring! We're heading into deep autumn, and its lovely to see the opposite side of the world bursting with life as we enter the meditative state of decay and quiet.


    Daharja xx

  5. Love it! It looks so... spring! :)

  6. Looks great :)
    At the Sydney gardens in Australia, they had signs up telling you to walk on the grass and hug the trees. I loved it, that's what parks are for isn't it?

  7. thanks everyone :)
    Callah: oh my- that would be SO COOL. When we were at Stanley park in Vancouver I got my friend to take a pic of me hugging a tree. it was perfect. :)

  8. I LOVE it! So peaceful... (and with the story to go with it, even more of an accomplishment to find peace amidst the challenge.)


  9. The banner is very spring like.
    But you can't walk or sit on the grass. What is that being about - as you say that's the entire point!

    I don't like parks which are for looking at only and not being able to use!


  10. Oooh oooh - I love the new banner! So springy - the bulbs are just poised to burst with pretty flowers. :) And you look at peace and at ease.

  11. love the new banner, very fresh and heart warmingly springful :)
    nice finding that essence in the city x

  12. Beautiful pic while remaining flexible...har har...Happy Spring!

  13. I love the changing banner! Beautiful!

  14. Very lovely! I always like the painting-like rendering effect too :)

  15. LOVE IT! It looks great! And I loved reading the story behind it.


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