Sunday, September 20, 2009

Acceptance and Light

Recently I've been trying to expand my "yoga blog" horizon and exploring links and other Yogi-blogs in blog-land. It's been a bit trying I have to admit. After reading post after post of rants, negativity and snobism I'm really ready for some positive love and light. Ranging from Ashtanga-cultism to discussions around Pattabhi Jois' possible sexism, to venerable hate on for anything non-Iyengar; I'm really done. I admit that I've indulged in a rant or two (especially lately!) so I thought I'd push some light by writing a happy post today. (Utkatasana "chair pose" in the early morning mist at the lake)

Yesterday we braved the biting cold wind and clouds to practice Guerrilla Yoga in the park! It was COLD. I had on a yoga tank, t-shirt and active jacket and still I was shivering. Perhaps my headache-cold attributed to my general feeling of "wtf am I doing here?". A fantastic local Anusara teacher, Leanne, had offered to lead the practice and there were only a smattering of six yogi/nis today. So we set up our mats in a small circle under the biggest tree in the clearing. For the first Intention setting part of the practice, Leanne had us meditate on breathing friendship into our lives. As she guided us on how to send light and love to someone dear all I could think was "Holy Mother of God I am so F%@king cold, my head hurts, this sucks, I hope she stops talking soon so we can just get this over with...." and so on. Lol. I wasn't very "zen".

We all kept our coats on and practice did manage, after a few vigorous Sun Salutations, to warm me up. The sun even made an appearance, forcing His way through the bitter cold wind. At about that point all my bitter, negative, hateful thoughts melted away and I was HAPPY. My head stopped hurting, my catastrophic feelings about the practice disappeared and I was feeling great. The practice had a beautiful, non-competitive supportive feeling. We all faced each other, we were all smiling, I had no feelings of unworthiness ("we're not worthy!") being surrounded by teachers (oh did I mention the group was 4 teachers and Andrew and I?).

Suddenly the power of the wind as we connected our toes in the grass to come into a circle of "trees" or vrksasanas, fingers touching and hearts opening to the sky above us, transformed into a reminder that Nature is Here. In the present. I could hear Her whistle through the leaves all around me even as I lay in savasana. Asking me to remember that Autumn is here, and is to be embraced and accepted as the Natural Order of Life. The Wheel.

Then, just as quickly it was gone. I was cold again, wanting savasana to be over, hoping the ending meditation would be quick ("please let me get some HOT COFFEE") and I could warm up. Ah well. It did set the mood for a wonderful evening cooking a very Canadian Autumn meal of local and organic apple-cranberry pork, salad and blueberry desert, drinking WAY too much wine and not being able to get out of bed this morning in time for Global Mala. lol.

How was your weekend? Anyone else ready for some open, accepting yoga blog posts?


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  1. I love this! I applaud you for being open and accepting, and still keeping your sense of humour. I especially love that you drank too much wine and couldn't make it to the yoga mala. The rants are good (they keep us on our toes) but it's good to inspire a little positivity.

  2. So...I'm guessing my latest post, threatening people who don't read Yoga for Cynics with a billion incarnations as dung beetles, didn't help matters much?

    Ah well. Otherwise, I just came from an outdoor yoga mala...108 sun salutations with live music under what turned out to be a very warm sun...can't complain about that...

  3. Yes, Honey....please, if you find... post the links. I am really trying not to get discouraged lately with the lack of "YOGA" within the "YOGA" community.

    That is awesome you guys braved the chilling cold to do some yoga. I will not go on about my beautiful day at the beach then...

    Trying to get prepped for my first winter in 3 years...not that SC gets to bad of one. But, what better a time to loosen tight muscles than when it's cold.

    Have a great and inspired week... and don't forget to feel the light..and love!

    Namaste, M

  4. Roseanne: hehe.... yes you are right. rants are necessary, but i sometimes feel like it's so easy to get in that mindset. lately my blogging stays with me longer than it should...

    Dr. Jay: LOL, actually your post made me laugh. They always make me smile, even your angry ones. You have such a fantastic way of writing them. I'm glad you got out for wonderful Global Mala (and weren't hungover like myself) and hopefully it was helpful like my yoga yesterday was for me :)

    Mandy: ohhh beach eh?? sigh. yes getting geared up for winter is good, i'm thinking this one will come sooner... and i will definitely keep up the positive light (as long as it isn't contrived you know?)

  5. Great post. And way to go, practicing out in the cold! I would've reacted the exact same way. And oh, I have some mala stories to tell...I'll post them tomorrow. This yoga is a funny, crazy thing! :)

  6. I'm glad you pushed through and found the happy place, even on a cold day ... I find that to be true most of the time ... even if I am feeling cranky, not into it, cold, whatever, if I carry on and just do the practice, then the happy place will come to me. :)

  7. I was in such a wretched, exhausted mood last night (plus I ate too many potato chips, blaaahhhhh), so my yoga practice turned into Cat-Cow before bed. I really want to do some Sun Salutations tonight for Global Mala--not the full 108, but maybe I can manage 20ish before I crash. I think the changing weather here is messing with my moods! However, it's equinox, so I'm going to try to stop whining and honor the spirit of transition.

  8. This post totally started my day off right! I often start out my practice feeling like- what am I doing here and by the end can't imagine what I would do without yoga. Adding cold to the mix would definitely intensify that! So glad you were able to end with a nice meal and yummy wine to warm you up!

  9. Wow. Amazing post! Sounds like the yoga in the park was very enlightening. I'm starting up 2 yoga classes in November, after the busyness of Halloween - need to feel the vibe again, grounding, centering... you're right, there is just sometimes far too much negativism out there.

    Brightest blessings to you!


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