Friday, September 18, 2009

A Plastic Documentary Must See!

Happy Friday Eco Yogi/nis! After my little "blip" (ok ok, rant) on Wednesday, my Thursday solitary practice was NOT up to par... but I did it. Of course part of this extra negative vibes could very well have been helped along by the documentary Andrew and I watched Wednesday evening.

The Disappearing Male.

Of course, at first glance the title irked me (especially after a long rant about feminism). Dalhousie University was having a film viewing and expert panel discussion for FREE Wednesday night as part of a local organization trying to bring science to the community. Did I ever want to go. Sadly, I was feeling like poo and Andrew got home from work too late. Sigh.

Instead, we watched the documentary online via doczone cbc. Wow. Ever feel like you needed a little push as to why we're all very "green"? Perhaps you need a little extra incentive to move from recycling plastic to decreasing plastic in your life.

The documentary sheds some light on just what all these plastics and chemicals are doing to our bodies and reproductive systems. Specifically linking Bisphenol A (thank goodness I have a Klean Kanteen and not SIGG), phtalates, parabens and pesticides (and others) to a SHARP rise in infertility in human males. Yep- quick stat; did you know the world's human male births have declined by millions over the past few decades? Or that international criteria for male infertility (specifically sperm count) has drastically decreased over the past few decades to account for decreasing levels?

Although scary and in your face, it's a fantastic reminder that Andrew and I were
cutting out plastic for a reason. It re-affirmed why decreasing our chemical exposure is important. I know that often I don't watch clips posted on blogs as I couldn't be bothered, but this one is a must. Grab a beer, some nachos and take 45 minutes out of your day to re-affirm or affirm why chemicals, pesticides, pollution and our health are immediately connected. CLICK HERE TO START WATCHING

***Greenspell has alerted me to the fact that perhaps some people may not be able to open the link (maybe outside of Canada?). She found THIS alternative on google video! Thanks Greenspell!!

Afterwards, do you feel motivated to DO something? The doc doesn't really give lots of glimmers of hope so I thought I'd offer some ideas and perhaps you'd like to discuss your thoughts here!:

  1. Blog about it! Awareness is the first step to personal (and ultimately political) change.
  2. Write your local MP or governmental rep requesting that strong regulations be in place to protect its' citizens from the toxic substances pumped into our air, baby bottles, children's toys etc.
  3. Trade your plastic food containers and water/coffee bottles for stainless steel/glass versions.
  4. Switch your beauty routine up for chemical-free alternatives such as Green Beaver, No poo Shampoo, Eminence, Miessence (for those Aussies!)... (NB: check labels carefully, many supposedly "green" brands such as Aveda are loaded with chemicals. Even Lush has many sketchy ingredients depending on what you buy... research first!).
  5. Campaign and write officials to have medical facilities change their IV's and medical equipment with premature and fragile babies to non-toxic plastic alternatives.
  6. Visit Fake Plastic Fish for more phenomenal inspirations on how (and why you should!) to decrease the plastic and chemicals around you.

What do you think? (my stainless steel lunchbox with a "Plastic Bags Blow" sticker given to me by a coworker lol).

Blessings! (Global Mala blip to come soon!)

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  1. Plastic bags blow all right - but what about plastic wrap?

    How many people don't use plastic bags, but are still buying Glad Wrap and other plastic wraps!

    I remember reading that plastic wrap use *dwarfs* plastic bag use, in terms of quantity. And it is in direct contact with your food - a bit scary when you consider endocrine disruptors and other yuckies!

    Our family went wrap free in July 2008, and haven't looked back.

    While I think that plastic bags in particular have taken a bad wrap, and deservedly so, we need to look at all disposable plastics - and get rid of the lot of them, especially those where it is so easy to find alternative.

    Our family now uses Pyrex with sealable lids for most food storage, and glass jars with rubber seals, having got rid of much of our Tupperware. I've never felt the need to buy plastic wrap since stopping buying it over a year ago. Which goes to show just how unnecessary a product it really was!

    Hmmm...I think I need to re-blog this issue :-)

    (sorry about the rant - it's just something I'm I can't help getting "wrapped up" over!) hehe.

  2. Where did you get that lunchbox?! I've been looking for something like that.

    Thanks for this post - great info. Do you know another way to get this video? I can't get it to work, for some reason.

  3. Oh wait, I found this link:

  4. Ooh - thanks for the heads-up! This scenario was once considered within the realm of Sci-Fi by many skeptics. Yet it's certainly being borne out by plunging male fertility rates. I remember Margaret Atwood's A Handmaid's Tale and its central premise (aside from feminism) being focused upon drastically lowered fertility rates.

    Anyway, its very alarming on all sorts of levels. It's certainly a red flag in regards to the vast and disturbing amounts of oestrogens in our food chain, and environmentally in general.

    And I don't think it's incompatible with your post on feminism at all!

  5. Daharja: so true!! we don't use plastic wrap... or plastic bowls... my next goals is to figure out a way to get the best beauty "green" products without plastic. You should see this doc, it's awesome.

    Greenspell: ACTUALLY, i wish I had bought a different kind- lol. This one always needs both containers to seal as there is no dealy to make just one stay shut (however, that means no plastic which is good). I got it at a local health food store. there are some that you can buy that are expandable etc... i forget where I saw them online and thought- OUUUUUU. too bad I already bought this one :)

    Thanks for the extra link- i can still make the cbc one work, but probably cuz it's in Canada?

    Docwitch: it's TOTALLY sci fi hey? and i am a huge sci fi fan... but of course it's a little scary when it's reality. :)

  6. I watched that documentary with interest, too. And I love your lunch box AND sticker. :) I recognize your header photo as being a Halifax street -- great pic! Just stopping by from Windsor to say hello to a fellow Bluenoser.

  7. I'm looking forward to seeing it. It's very disturbing what these plastics are doing to our endocrine systems. What's scary is how difficult it is to avoid them.

  8. Thought y'all might like to know that the Green Yoga Association has partnered with Yoga Journal to prevent the use of over 8000 plastic water bottles at this weekend's Yoga Journal Conference in Colorado.


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