Monday, September 21, 2009

Personal Practice Adventure: Transformative (like Autobots, but less awesome)

Personal Practice Adventure check in! I know I promised PPA posts on Moondays.... and I had planned a post about how to make your own sequence complete with some video links... it was going to be great. Then I had a long day and completely punked out of my solitary practice. Instead I decided I was going to RECORD music in garage band!!!! OUUUUU. I know. I also was very excited.

Then I discovered that all my patch cords are not compatible and I seem to have lost my adapters. Also, my beautiful mic is three prong dealys that plug into mic-part amps. Hooookay. Troisième PLAN: I will play into the computer mic and record that way. Three takes later I have a track. WOOT!! Now.... to play another guitar track, but I need the headphones so I can listen to the original... Andrew has his earbuds.

ALRIGHT. Quatrième Plan: I will write a new song. Done! I wrote a new song, I half like it which is a bonus and predictably it's pretty darn sad. Pencil, piece of paper, my guitar and a couple of chords I thought sounded melancholy but funky and strangely the lyrics just sorta flowed out. I originally had a plan for the song; it would be fun and personal and upbeat. It would mention Halifax. Well... it's definitely personal and mentions Halifax, but fun and upbeat?? lol. The weirdest part was singing along the lyrics I wrote while humming the melody in my head, and spontaneously different wordings, better wordings would pop out. Like I had Wernicke's Aphasia and no control (I am such a Speech Pathologist). Mental note: songs cannot abide by a flow-chart.

I had JUST finished it when Andrew came home and felt weirdly embarrassed to play it for him. I forgot that perhaps he might be a little alarmed with how sad it was, and I *think* he teared up... although he would never admit that. After a few hugs with many assurances that my songs are like funnels focusing the energy and mood of the moment into an UBER emotion-bomb + some left over yummy chocolate cake made by Alli and he felt better.

And so did I! So, my personal practice wasn't left behind but transformed. Which is the best part of this Adventure- it can take shape and transform to become what will work best for you in your practice. Be it spiritual, cleansing, emotional, meditative or physical. Yoga is about connection and tonight my Yoga was creating something out of the emotional ball, connecting and releasing (as corny as that sounds).

How have your Adventures been going?


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  1. what a lovely post, really inspiring and upbeat, although I cant put my finger on what it is which makes it like that!

  2. I just wanted to say that I am a new follower, but I have devoured most of your blog since I found you and I just love it.

    SO much in fact I left you an award over on my blog, if you would like to check it out?

    Have a great day!

  3. I love how yoga can move us into all kinds of creative expression!

    And about the mala thing...what is that about? I'm still thinking about it. The purpose of 108 salutations... Hmmm...


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