Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Crafty Eco-Yogini- DIY Yoga Mat Bag!

My friend J. found a Lululemon "new to her" rubber yoga mat at Value Village for 2.99$. Because she's awesome like that. Seriously, I don't have the patience or luck with Frenchy's or Value Village so I was extremely impressed with her beautiful deep purple mat.

Unfortunately, her beautiful new "eco" mat doesn't fit in her yoga mat bag. J. being the crafty gal that she is, will most definitely make her own yoga mat bag. I'm a little jealous- what a fantastic idea! Since I don't own a sewing machine or know even how to sew a button (well, I kinda maybe do... we learned how in Girl or hem my own pants.. (yes I am sad), this endeavour might not actually ever happen. The last time I tried to sew something was in home-ec where I sewed my short leg openings together.

In any case, I think creating your own beautiful yoga mat bag out of fun materials, or old clothing would be a fantastic idea! I would probably want to order some nice eco-hemp material (durable and sustainable). For all those crafty eco-yogi/ni's out there I have found two fun DIY's.

This site looks fantastic and her pictures and step by step instructions are detailed and easy to read. Although all the sewing machine lingo intimidates the crap out of me, I'm sure to you sewing savvy peeps this makes complete sense :)

Now this seems a bit easier to follow through on first glance. I even cut out the page and kept it in my "yoga mag book" I've created from my favourite yoga articles (I had a period of time where I was addicted to yoga magazines... I've since kicked that habit).

I'd love to hear how your crafty-ness went or has gone in the past! :)


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  1. Great post!
    I actually can sew and really should make a bag for my yoga mat.
    (even though I only practice yoga at home).
    Don't you just love Value Village?
    We have one in the next city over, and I go whenever I can.

  2. I have a friend (now my landlady, as well) who offered to knit me a yoga mat bag. Alas, as the main purpose of my owning such an item is so that I can bike to yoga class, my number one requirement is that it won't be tragic if it gets bike grease all over it. As such, I had to turn down the lovely hand-knit bag....

  3. Boho Mom: you totally should!! For that beautiful yoga-in the park experience "some day" :)
    Value Village is great- it's where we got our fun glasses! :)

    Dr. Jay: awww... but it would have been so beautiful!

  4. YAY!
    I have a sewing machine and I have no bag for my mat! What a great project! Wooty!



  5. I "sew" want to do this! (I couldn't resist the pun, forgive me.) I don't have a yoga mat bag, and have been wanting to make one. I've been dying to go the fabric store, so maybe I'll check it out soon and see if they have some good eco-friendly fabric for this project.

  6. I knitted a yoga mat bag for myself. I love it! Though gotta admit, it's completely impractical and I only use it on short journeys. But it sure it is cute. For day-to-day mat carting around, my Saka Pinda does the job. Not eco, but awesome and designed by people who know what it's like to be an urban yogi carrying around mat/change-of-clothes/keys/wallet and other necessary life things.

    But back to handmade eco things, a couple of years ago, Readymade had a great pattern for a yoga mat bag made from pants. I never got around to making it b/c I can't sew, but it looked adorable.


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