Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sleeping Naked Is Green: A Review!

I'm in a funny mood today. The sun came out in perfect timing for some recovery yoga in the park (Andrew is not as receptive to the amount of surya namaskars I like doing- "5?? really?? of EACH? OK." It was beautiful and thankfully the birdies outsang the cargo ship loaders and we didn't get yelled at by a park ranger for practicing on the "keep off!" ancient Fort.

I just finished Vanessa Farquharson's "Sleeping Naked Is Green" (or SNIG- hehe, she is so cool!) last night. She's part of the first "green" bloggy crew (such as Crunchy Chicken, Fake Plastic Fish and No Impact Man) over at Green as a Thistle and I actually was not aware that she had a 366 (leap year) challenge! Came into this a bit late, but no matter! I love her "post-challenge" blog, so I knew I'd like the book, and I wasn't disappointed.

I've just come off a "green-book" binge and feel a bit cynical and irritated with all the extreme-isms of greenability out there. My favourite part of Vanessa's book- the normality and sense of groundedness (with excellent adventures!) she managed to keep throughout her year. I also loved how she confessed to snippets of hyprocrisy when a green "rule" was broken. It gave me a sense of "you are not alone" (I still need to update you, my eco-yogi/ni's on how the Preserve shaving razors turned out... or rather didn't and now I switched back to Venus...: confession done in honour of SNIG).

It was fun reading about the background surrounding her posts, her struggle with justifying eating meat and flying and her references to other blogs that I read regularly. I also had no idea what "rennet" was. Trust me, it's gross.

The most essential aspect that I took away from her ridiculously entertaining book: Balance. If you are new to the green-y movement, love to read excellent books and feel a bit overwhelmed trying to live up to some media fabricated "eco-ideal" I highly recommend "Sleeping Naked Is Green". In fact, I will be lending this book (as soon as Andrew is done reading it) to my friend H. and participating in Crunchy's bookclub next month!



  1. Can't wait to read this one.

    P.S. After I heard you didn't like the Preserve razor, I tried it, and oh no, I don't like it either! :( I'll write about it, too, eventually. Oh well.

    Balance, right? :)

  2. You know what beats preserve? Not shaving! =)

    If you've ever considered it, give it a shot. It is so liberating to have something extra off your'll see!

  3. Greenspell: heh, PHEW thank goodness I am not alone on that one lol. Balance is right!

    Aprilx: actually over the winter months I only shave about once every week.... but I'm not sure about summer months. I really miss waxing- but I can't afford to get that done every month and I am such a wuss, I would end up soaking the wax away in the tub... lol.


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