Thursday, December 26, 2013

2nd Day of Halifax Yuletide: The Bookmark

On the Second Day of Yulemas My True Love Gave to Me: An Amazing Bookstore
(and the most delicious coffee!)

So. I hope you had a fabulous Yulemas and Boxing Day! Here in the H-dot, stores and boxing day sale IRL only happen tomorrow, since Nova Scotia has all retail stores closed on Boxing Day. We're old school like that.

This year, like most years, I received a book for Yulemas. I heart books so very much and if you're a regular to this here space, you'll know I devour books by the dozens. I have odes to bookstores and analog books... but last year I was also gifted with a Kindle. I will admit, that although it will NEVER replace a real life book, my Kindle does have it's purpose.

In any case, something I will most certainly miss from living downtown is the best locally owned bookstore around:

 (Image from

What I love about the Bookmark is the small cozy feel, the sense of absolute book-adoration of the staff and the fact that a staff person there, Neil, actually knows my name... and never makes fun of my absolutely fluffy book purchases (typically in the fantasy romance genre... yeah Kim Harrison and Laurell K Hamilton are my best buds, what?).

Also, they have a frequent buyer program, after 10 books purchased you get a discount (I think I'm on my third discount.... yay!). You can order any book and they'll try to bring it in (French books are a bit more challenging for a whole other slew of reasons).

Sadly, in early 2013, the owner of Bookmark (original Bookmark is in Charlottetown) Rodney Jones passed away. Definitely a loss felt in the Atlantic book industry.

I heart my local bookstore and on our trips into the city for Smiling Goat we will definitely stop at The Bookmark II for our literary reading purchase to enjoy over our delicious coffee first :)

Be aca-awesome and support your locally owned small bookstore!

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