Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Halifax Yuletide: 1st Day Smiling Goat

Although the 12 days of Yuletide are supposed to begin on Yulemas (Christmas) day, here at EcoYogini we're starting a few days early...

Since on January 7th 2014 (only two days after the traditional end of the 12 days) will be the closing day for our NEW HOUSE (squee!) I have been reflecting on all the changes that are to come in our lives once we move. Our new house will be outside of the city (approx 40min away) and there are many things about living in Downtown Halifax that I will miss.

Like everywhere I've lived, I've made some lovely community connections in Halifax. Although I'm sure I will make new ones in my new neighbourhood, I wanted to share some of my favourite haunts over the next 12 days, kind of an "Ode to Downtown Halifax" as my farewell to urban living.

First Day of Yuletide my True Love Gave to Me: The Most Delicious Coffee!

 (image from jar of life March 1st 2012 sadly my photo of the outside was blurry!)

Nestled between a delicious Mexican restaurant and the Lord Nelson, across from the iconic Public Gardens (a Victorian Garden since 1836), Smiling Goat serves the BEST espresso and coffee in the city. I say that because I am a coffee snob. And because it is true.

Locally owned and committed to providing organic, fair trade and delicious coffee with an eco-conscious underlying theme, no "flavoured syrups" will greet you here. All flavoured espresso based drinks (such as pumpkin latte, eggnog latte and chai latte) have actual true ingredients (such as pumpkin pie filling, eggnog and chai tea). Mocha's are served with organic chocolate and organic chocolate milk.

(my delicious mocha today!)
On top of the gorgeous coffee, the staff are always super friendly, not pretentious and very knowledgeable about coffee served. Geoff also tries to support local whenever possible and even promotes a staff's handknit coffee cozies! Often you can find free jazz events, espresso tastings or espresso and wine events.

Andrew and I have been going to Smiling Goat on our weekends (and sometimes I'll pick up a mocha for my long travel trips, or if I have a particularly stressful meeting coming up at work) since we moved downtown. It's only a 10min walk from our apartment. The staff all know our names and we know theirs. It's our neighbourhood cafe and we love it.

(sneaky iphone photo! A beautiful cozy cafe)

Although it won't be our geographical neighbourhood cafe once we move, I know that Andrew and I will continue our weekend Smiling Goat tradition as often as possible. We'll just have to take an hour out of our weekend errands into the city to stop, have a delicious coffee and read quietly together.

Do you have a neighbourhood coffee place in your town?


  1. They really do have the best coffee. I dream of having a mocha again. If they could ship me one to Ontario I would be the happiest girl. So good. So nice in there. I loved our SG dates and I loved how they embraced my crazy little Rowan in there too!

  2. Their coffee really is exceptionally delicious! I love their iced coffee in the summer.


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