Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Help Me Choose My Songs! (Enriching the YOU)

A few years ago, around this time I believe (the pagan "new year"), I made a resolution to live my musical life more deeply. I've said before, music is such a strong part of my spiritual sense of Self; it's primordial to the core of ME. How sad that I would have let something so essential wane.

Last year I performed in public for the first time in years. It was scary and exhilarating and FUN. I was so fortunate to have such fabulous friends come out to support me.

It's time for me to suck in a deep breath and do it again.

Next Friday, November 8th, I'll be singing at JustUs! on Spring Garden between 7-8:30pm.

I have a confession though, I'm having a bit of trouble with my set list. It's just I have over 3 hours of songs in my repertoire... and I basically LOVE THEM ALL. (a bit of bias there). I just can't choose what to leave out and what to include. Weirdly, Andrew hasn't been that helpful... maybe it's because he's spent the last seven years listening to me sing...

That's where YOU come in. I need your help! Following are the list of songs that I'm considering. I would be ever so grateful if you would leave your top 5 (in order) that you would enjoy hearing in the comments section. Seriously, your input will help immensely!


(If you're in the 'fax next weekend, maybe you can pop in for your favourite song!)

Luka- Suzanne Vega
Hard to Make a Stand- Sheryl Crow
Secret Heart- Feist
Delicate- Damian Rice
Basement Apartment- Sarah Harmer
Hasn't Hit Me Yet- Blue Rodeo
Closer to Fine- The Indigo Girls
Have You Ever Seen the Rain- CCR
Don't Stop Believing- Journey
Somebody I used to know- Gotye
Right Through You- Alanis Morissette


  1. Yay! I'm so proud of you. Make Andrew film it or skype me in or something haha. This is awesome! You are so talented and it's always lovely to hear you sing and play.

  2. I LOVE Basement Apartment...anything Sarah Harmer, really! I hope I can catch your gig!

  3. I would say;
    1- Have You Ever Seen the Rain- CCR
    2- Don't Stop Believing- Journey
    3- Somebody I used to know- Gotye
    4- Hard to Make a Stand- Sheryl Crow
    5- Hasn't Hit Me Yet- Blue Rodeo

    But you are right all good choices, good luck! - Christopher

  4. 1. Delicate- Damien Rice
    2. Secret Heart- Feist
    3. Have You Ever Seen the Rain- CCR
    4. Hasn't Hit Me Yet- Blue Rodeo
    5. Basement Apartment- Sarah Harmer


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