Tuesday, September 3, 2013

End of Summer and Life Changes (and a horse mask)

Why hello September. Although I've been looking forward to the past week of vacation, it still feels like September, and the end of the traditional 'summer' has arrived too quickly.

(This happened a lot... skip-bo, bidwhist and asshole card games with our two best buds, including some alcohol and finishing with horse mask ridiculousness...)

After 5 days in a secluded cottage with minimal cell reception, getting back to the busy city is almost too overwhelming. There are just so many STUDENTS and PEOPLE and ANGRY NOISES. I love the convenience of the city, but as the years go on I have realized that it just makes me so tired.

Which leads into the latest updates on the Mrs and Mr EcoYogi lives:

1. I have a full time permanent job!!!! After applying for another temporary part time successfully, starting that caseload, and then successfully applying for a PERMANENT part time position, it has been a bit of a gong show juggling scheduling and explaining to disappointed parents that in fact, another wait must occur. That said, my new job will be with a new caseload, Autism, (while I still keep my French caseload!). I am so relieved to return to a full time income at permanent status.

2. Andrew has finished his Bachelor of Commerce, major in Accounting, degree!!! After two years of consecutive university (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Spring, Summer) he is FINALLY done his second undergrad degree (who knew that a degree in Soc really gives you nothing?). We may have made a bonfire to burn, one by one, his course notes while toasting to his new freedom. He'll be looking for his 'forever' career job and we can finally take the next step in our grown up lives to....

3. Build our EcoHome!!! WEE! We can finally start planning of plots of land, solar and wind positioning, investigating eco contractors and resource vintage and reused materials. It's really going to be essential to find a contractor that truly understands our vision for a sustainable home, so any suggestions or recommendations for resources will be invaluable and truly appreciated!

4. Begin the planning for an eventual 'Little Bean'... this is a very private part of our lives, so I'll just say that this is beginning stages of potential planning- we are NOT trying. But it's exciting to finally be able to move in this direction.

As this year is coming to a close (Pagan new year is generally Halloween, or Samhain), I'm feeling a need to renew my spiritual and yoga commitments. Especially with all the new changes in my career, the instability and uncertainty with our life paths (however exciting), that I would benefit from some more focused, mindful spiritual meditation, as well a more regular yoga practice.

Do you have any updates or changes in your life? Does September offer the opportunity for a new adventure, a renewed sense of purpose and beginnings? I'd love to hear it!


  1. congrats to andrew! remember he was still in school when i met you guys. enjoy this exciting changing time! the change in my world is that i moved again, but i do that every year sadly...

  2. That mask is terrifying. And awesome.

  3. Congrats to you both! How wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to have that job opportunity! I know it must've been a hard road, but you made it! And I'm so happy for Andrew! Wahoo!

  4. Wow, congrats!! So much has happened since we last caught up! Everything sounds so exciting and new! Do you have the ecoholic home book? If not feel free to borrow it. There are lots of tips in there about having an eco-friendly home.


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