Monday, July 8, 2013

A Blog-cation, An Imaginary Forest Path and a Music Video

Why hello there!

It has been a while eh? This past month (and truly the lead up has been longer) has been an interesting one. For the first time in over four years I just haven't blogged. I thought I would miss it... and once I decided I was taking a blog-cation, the guilt over not posting disappeared and if I were 100% honest, it was a glorious vacation.

It was what a blog-cation is meant to be: refreshing, relaxing and allowing myself to come back to this beautiful space and such fabulous readers invigorated and ready to write again.

It is true that after four years of posting several times a week on the environment and yoga, eventually it feels like I have covered all I have to say on the two topics.

But... it's not exactly true now, is it? I still have sh*t to say (woot!). I'm excited to share some of the things I've done over this past month (like the ridiculously HOT yoga at the park last Sunday, or the fact that YITP was featured in Chatelaine a few weeks ago- wtf??). I'd love to share a bit more about everyday things, the small pleasures, and am hoping to make a few changes to the look of this space to reflect this renewal.

I am definitely not the same person I was 4 years ago. I am in a different place in my yoga practice and in a different place in what I want from life.

I am ready to take those next, uncertain toddles... veering off one set path for another, slightly more exhilarating journey!

(Do you ever imagine your "paths" in life? I do. I picture a wooded forest filled with Atlantic Canadian trees- not the giants of BC- with forest floors that are filled with ferns, berry bushes like raspberries and blackberries and smaller conifers. It smells like green leaves, moss covered logs and christmas trees. Small brown squirrels, chipmunks along with bluejays, american goldfinches, purple finches and humingbirds flit through and chirp in the branches. Through this a one person, earthen and twisty, meandering path cuts though, veering off into alternate paths- either straighter or sometimes more twisty and filled in. No? Just me? Sigh, you are missing out!)

AND on that note- I feel like we should share this exciting return with a most fabulous, rousting song by Lisa LeBlanc. Cuz a) she's Acadian b) her name rocks and c) I love this song :)


  1. I think life is a choose your own adventure novel that has lots of lovely forested paths to take! Whenever I come to a new crossroads, like whether to move to Ontario or not, I think about my life as these books and try and cheat, skipping forward to those pages to see what it will be like before I make my decision. I know it might not work out that way, but it helps me prepare for all the what ifs. I like to think this take on my life helps me go with the flow when things are stressful. Every twist and turn is just a new adventure!

  2. Haha, welcome back! :) Glad it was a great away time. And yes, please, make the blog whatever you want it to be--that's what it's there for :)

  3. Our blogs are around the same age, and I feel exactly the same as you do - some days I just wonder "what else do I have to write about?" But then I always find something in my heart or in my practice that I want to share. Excited to see what is yet to come from your lovely blog! :)

  4. Happy you are back! I missed reading your posts! I'm on my blogcation right now! ;)


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