Friday, May 31, 2013

Private Practice and Yoga in the Park 2013!

Oops, where did the week go?

Some news in the EcoYogini world (and the reason I've been a little absent in my posting)... I have taken the leap and am starting my own private SLP practice.

Setting up a private practice was more work than I originally thought, but I am happy with the effort I put into all my policies, procedures and fabulous website. Here's crossing my fingers!

Other news: YOGA IN THE PARK 2013!

It has been a dreary, cold and drizzly spring here in Halifax. Unlike the previous three years of YITP (wow, this is our 4th year!) where we were practicing intermittently from March onward, it has not been above 15 degrees on a weekend until now.

And today, just like THAT, we go from frost warnings in the morning to BAM 30 degree (celsius) humid weather. Ok, I promise I am not complaining. :) I'm actually excited to return to creating yoga sequences and drawing little yoga stick men. :) Fun!

First Halifax YITP 2013: Saturday*, June 1st!
When: 10am-11am
Where: Point Pleasant Park (Tour Site 10)
Cost: Free!

*Except for tomorrow, YITP will be on Sunday mornings btw 10-11am. For the MOST up to date YITP info- please join our facebook group: Halifax Yoga in the Park.

Yoga peeps- if you haven't already, check out your local city's YITP- seriously the best way to practice yoga. If your city doesn't have one- start one!


  1. Weee so excited for my first YITP tomorrow! I'm even biking in from Bedford.. if I can figure out how to carry my 50lb (7lb) yoga mat with me! lol

  2. Awesome! Congrats on opening a private practice, et bonne chance!

  3. Awesome website! Sorry I couldn't make it to YITP today... sadly I have tendonitis in my shoulder... Hope to you you soon though!

  4. Congratulations on your new site and private practice!
    I'm so happy that outdoor yoga season is finally here! I missed it so. It really is the best way to practice yoga!

  5. Felicitations! Good luck on the new adventure.

  6. OMG, way to go! I'm so excited to hear how your practice goes!


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