Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Call Out To HRM Yoga Instructors: Sharing Your Practice with Community

My Haligonian Yoga Peeps: Yoga in the Park is upon us!!

This weekend it has finally felt like Spring has a glimmer of hope of arriving in Halifax. (Even though this coming week it's giving a possibility of snow...) With this glimmer comes the realization that as soon as it's above 15 degrees (C) on a Saturday we will be practicing yoga near the ocean once again!

This summer will mark our fourth summer practicing yoga in Point Pleasant Park. The fourth summer where anyone who is interested may pop in and practice yoga amidst the sun, atlantic ocean and wind with absolutely no charge, without even the slightest suggestion, implication or pressure to pay (ie 100% free, no donation necessary).

I am so proud to say that throughout discussions, space change and a few dramas, we have kept YITP to equate the opportunity for all to practice surrounded by nature in a public place free of charge. 

Practicing yoga outside makes me happy, and the purpose of YITP is to simply share that moment with others... practicing yoga while listening to the waves of the ocean as a community.
(YITP 2010 at Point Pleasant Park)

This summer, I would like to send out a call for any Yoga Instructor who would love to share this practice and their sequence with us. 

What sharing your practice and love with the YITP community would look like:
  • Choosing a Saturday morning this summer that works for you and committing to this morning.
  • Either: 
    • Leading the practice simultaneously while you practice (talking through your practice)
    • Or, "teaching" a class in the formal sense- it is completely your discretion.
  • Practicing with other yogis in a casual, safe and informal atmosphere.
  • Sharing the joy of your yoga practice with others in the beautiful setting of ocean, wind and forest. 
If you are a yoga instructor and you are interested please email me at earthyogini (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions, concerns or even dates you'd like to share your practice.

If you are a HRM yogi (or instructor) who would love to simply attend and enjoy your practice with Halifax YITP this summer the BEST way to keep up with times and dates would be joining our facebook group: "Halifax Yoga in the Park". 

Happy Spring!!


  1. Hi just answering your call for yoga teachers right now Im taking my teachers training with AYTT Ill be done in June and hopefully I will be cert. matbe would have enough nerve to teach maybe in August just thought I would let you know I will come to some summer practice there first to get the feel thanks agin for YITP my email is shoe.queen

    1. Hi!
      Exciting! Well, regardless if you decide to lead, you are very welcome to practice with us anytime over the summer :)

  2. Hello,
    Perhaps your request for people to be respectful could be balanced with your own pledge to be respectful. Demonstrating respect in your interactions would be equally necessary.
    Good luck.

    1. thank you for your good luck wishes.
      I agree, demonstrating respect in interactions is necessary.... I'm not quite sure what your comment is implying... but I agree with you wholeheartedly and can say with confidence that so far in our journey we have been respectful in our interactions in the community.
      Many thanks.

    2. April Fools! Gotcha!

  3. I can't wait for our family to join you guys this summer! I am so happy that there is a free yoga practice in Halifax, otherwise we could never afford to practice.


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