Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Searching for the "Real-Ness" in 2013

2013... the suspicious fisherman's daughter in me really doesn't like that "13"... but then, can take the girl out of the rural and such.

People tend to like to recap and move forward. Generally I think this can be a wonderful idea, especially if you journal. But I'm thinking I'll keep the majority of mine private... just because I'm a bit hipster that way- don't want to do it if it's already been done.

What I will say, though, in relation to this blog, is that 2012 definitely saw a HUGE step back in my yoga practice. I think I attended a grand total of 8 in person classes the entire year. Wouldn't you know we also managed to save way more money towards our future eco-home this year. Are the two related? I would think so.

What yoga means today just really doesn't resonate with me anymore. The spiritual side doesn't speak to me, it just makes me think of vacuous pop psych one liners and insincere platitudes ("negative people are our teachers" blegh).

I really really am just craving something extremely sincere (I won't say "authentic" because that word has lost all meaning in it's co-option)... and the general trendy yoga isn't cutting it.

I'm still practicing yoga though. Just in my home, using yogaglo, with my peeps. I'll still attend the sporadic classes and try to find REAL books that resonate with real-ness. Who knows- 2013 may bring a reconnection and resurgence of everything YOGA. I'm hopeful this is the case.

So, to end this cranky pants blog post on something fantabulous, here are a few things to look forward to here at little old EcoYogini underverse:

  • a few more posts on reading, the kindle, and the general fantabulous of Goodreads
  • Some goodness on the Naturopathic overshare journey
  • Hopefully a few more adventures and natural beauty- I'm thinking shampoo is next...
  • At least TWO more live performances in Halifax at coffeeshops
  • At least FIVE more songs written (that I like)
  • Speaking more French to Andrew and my friends on a regular basis.
  • Starting to plan a mini EcoYogini creation... (hopefully for 2014)...
(just ignore where Atreyu is wandering in the photo... this is my "I have galaxy leggings!" pose)

Bonne Année!


  1. It is very upsetting to me to hear that "real yoga" is so hard to find. Since I had the good fortune to be introduced to yoga as a fully-faceted practice (not just physical postures), its difficult for me to understand how it might be for others.

    Also, my experience of the "spiritual side" of yoga is so very authentic, inclusive and three dimensional. My I do know what you mean about insincere platitudes. For example, anyone who wants to define what is yogic vs unyogic - this makes me want to tear the ears off my head.

    I hear what you're saying, but I also want to suggest that there is a lot more to yoga that is true, authentic and wonderful than you've been exposed to thus far.

    Hopefully you'll get to find more of that some time.

    That said, I think your plans for 2013 sound fabulous! There's absolutely nothing wrong with doing your yoga at home. In fact, you're way ahead of all the folks out there that find doing their own home practice challenging.

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

    1. It's funny, I actually thought about you while writing this post- in the sense that it's a shame that I'm all "unhappy" (if you can call it that) about where my yoga went in 2012 and you are the opposite!

      i think 2012 was a time for me to take a giant step back, regroup and find a new path for where i want my practice to go. it's not to say there isn't "authentic" or sincere yoga, just that what i see out there isn't for me right now.

      Happy New Year! :) (and I AM excited for your new journey this coming year! I look forward to reading about it :))

  2. This is my first time visiting your website, but I found a lot of interesting information.From the volume of comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one! Keep the good work up.
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  3. I hear you. That is where I was last year... so I started yin and therapeutic. blew my mind open. I suggest Paul Grilley. You can watch his vids on Pranamaya online I think.

    There's lots of good stuff out there that is neither uber spiritual or uber trendy but some good wonderful fantastic yoga that will blow your mind in a really cool way. You might even find that it is slow, steady and really quiet like my practice.


  4. Ok,so I'm not the only one? The fake, the yoga-babble have all gotten under my skin in a big way. I keep blaming myself, maybe it's all me. Frankly I'd love to get past all of that and move onto to something genuine, something that truly meets my needs (and hopefully I can be a part of meeting the needs of others!). Moving past pretension? Yes please!

    Bonnie annee! Looking forward to your continuing sincere posts! And curious about how the naturopathic journey is going :)

  5. I feel the same way about blogging about the year in review. Ugh. I'm over it. lol and lazy. Would you like to do yoga together on the fridays that you have off from work? I can come there or you can come here. I figure we can find a time when Rowan is sleeping ?? Maybe not haha. I'm just dreaming of being able to do yoga. I like your goals! Especially a mini creation *wink*

  6. haha when i first read planning a ecoyogini creation i thought you meant a business...then i realized you meant something much different ;-)

  7. Pretty much what Svasti said. Although I will also add that I have been to one group class all year. I'm just not happy in group classes anymore. And that's absolutely OK. My teacher lives in America now so I only see him twice a year and I see a Pilates teacher one-to-one once every six weeks to work on my own wonky, (sorry I mean wonderfully unique) body.

    My practice has become mine. I'm happy with that. But it took a long time to get here.


  8. Does planning a "Mini EcoYogini Creation" mean baby? If so: YAY! lol

    Hope you find what you're looking for with the Yoga, however it may just be a part of learning and growing as a person. Maybe you'll find you're happier with practicing yoga a little less, and making more room for newer, different things in your life :)

  9. Yay, I'm so excited about your plans. Especially the last one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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