Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Polyester Leggings Are SO Not Yoga: Consumerism With Heart

While out for a walk this weekend Andrew looked at me and said: "It looks like not wearing pants is now the style"...

Leggings are SO in right now and seeing women who've apparently forgotten to put on their pants is pretty common place. It's a little extra off-putting when it's -17 C with the windchill.

I say this, but I also own a whole bunch of leggings... I just wear them under dresses...

Since leggings are all the rage, they've also become louder and pretty darn popular in the yoga world. I can see the change on YogaGlo even, Kathryn Budig particularly has some pretty colourful leggings. I won't lie, I'm a little jealous.

I even caved and bought some pretty rad rainbow Galaxy Leggings.

Let's be clear though; they are pretty much crap for the environment.

Recently there's been a rash of printed leggings as "the" yoga wear... and boy are they expensive. And for the most part made of polyester. 300$ (not one sale) for a pair of leggings made of POLYESTER. Wtf?? I'm honestly insulted that a company will think I'm stupid enough to want something made with cheap, synthetic, polluting material, made in sweat shops and shipped by a carbon spewing container ship for a ridiculous price *just* for a brand.

I am not that gullible. And neither should you be.

I know it's hard living your eco-yoga. We talk the good talk about the yamas and niyamas and taking your yoga off your mat... but in our consumer driven culture the obvious link between yoga and taking care of our planet is easily left aside. "But these leggings are COOL"

Recognizing the interdependance between the life on our planet and the consequences to our actions is even COOLER.

Invest your hard earned moneys in something that matches your yoga- like the mocha sea and stars long leggings at VKeen cuz they're organic cotton. 

Or these funky colourful pants by Shining Shakti- also made with organic cotton. 

Take a step outside yoga machine and shop intelligently with heart this holiday season. Cuz we're all in this planet together.

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  1. I hate polyester! LOL. I had to search far and wide to find some plain-colored cotton pairs for this winter! Crazy.

    I have to also recommend Gaia Conceptions for people looking for leggings. They are not as fun and colorful as some of the yoga brands, but they are SUPER high quality, organic cotton (or wool), hand-dyed with natural dyes, and hand-sewn to your exact measurements. Some come with skirts, skorts, ruffles, etc. and long to mid-calf length. I invested in a pair of these and LOVE them.



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