Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Gift for the Yoga Dude in Your Life: Hair Pomade!

I like to give updates whenever possible- just because sometimes I make stuff that I think is all fabulous (like this DIY body lotion, a BAD idea) and then realize it was a terrible idea a few uses in. And then it gets pinned like a million times on pinterest and I feel a bit bad. Don't make the body lotion!

Anyhoo- this is a happy update just in time for the Holidays (as a gift idea!)

(Proof that my hubby LOVES his hair pomade... it's scraped right to the bottom!)

Seven months ago I decided to try making my husband Andrew some hair pomade. Just for the heck of it. I was tired of his gross chemical stuff and thought, what the eff, may'swell try to make my own out of beeswax.

Wouldn't you know it only takes about 20minutes MAX to make and it works like MAGIC. He loved it! It holds amazingly well, looks natural and not greasy AND it even washes out super easily. 

Two other amazing points: 
1) It has lasted him seven whole months.... (and technically there's still enough there for probably another week). 
2) It cost probably less than a dollar to make.
3) This pomade has TWO ingredients (beeswax and coconut oil) which means no nasty chemicals!

(My new batch that took less than 20min to make tonight!)

This recipe also fits perfectly in the 125ml mason jars... which is the perfect size for a gift!

So go grab some beeswax and give a fun, fabulous gift of eco hair pomade to your bestest guy yogi!

article and photographs by EcoYogini at ecoyogini.blogspot.com


  1. i tried this and it came out very hard would more oil make it softer or do you have any ideas on what would?

    1. Hi Terry!
      Hmmm, that's really interesting! We had the opposite problem this time around, I need to make another batch so it's less oily.
      I think it's all about preference. I do know that Andrew scrapes the pomade with his finger nail, then by rubbing it together in his fingers gets it to the perfect consistency.
      That said- I would try scooping it back into the double boiler, melting it and adding another tablespoon of coconut oil :)


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