Monday, November 26, 2012

Tips for Holiday Etsy Shopping

Etsy... I currently have a love-disgusted relationship with you.

Love... that I can easily find so many handmade and potentially environmentally friendly doodads that I don't really need but WANT. You're the best site for gift ideas and supporting small artists and businesses. Yogis- google "yoga" and be amazed.

Disgusted... with how you are treating my pal Five Seed. She uses only organic and sustainable materials in her amazing face, body and skin care products and you're severe and unfair restrictions on her ability to share ingredient facts is frustrating and disappointing.

Since it's "Cyber Monday" (seriously? sigh), I figured I would share some tips on Etsy and a few of my fav wish list ideas- support a local artist eh?

Etsy Tip #1: Search for cool stuff in your country.
No, it's a legit sad moment when you find a beautiful purse that is made in Turkey. The entire POINT is to decrease pollution from shipping... local is better.
To change the search settings: 
- go to 'Buy' (upper left corner)
- under "Ways to shop" (right side) click "shop local"
- type in your country

Etsy Tip #2: Browse "Handmade"
Why would you want to support a local artist if it isn't handmade? No really?
To select handmade:
- after typing in your country, click "Handmade" circle (left hand side)

Etsy Tip #3: Just because it's on Etsy, doesn't make it "environmental"
Read the ingredients (and be forgiving since Etsy is going bonkers on fabulous small businesses). If they don't post ingredients, move on. Look for things made with sustainable fabrics (organic cotton, bamboo or repurposed materials). 

Etsy Tip #4: Check out the LOVE
A decent way to see what the seller is like is to check out the ratings on the side... but not just the percentage; how many people rated that seller? The more people, the more reliable that rating will be.

Ok! Tonight's current wish list:
Alright, so I already may have put in an order- how could I resist? She's having a sale! I have been using her products for years and have loved each and every one. Sadly because of the ridiculously unfair restrictions she's not allowed to post what the benefits for the ingredients are- but trust me, checking out her blog as well as her table of ingredients is worth it! 

I am in love with all of the coats, sweaters and funky shirts in her shop! Made in Montreal, these items are so delicious... shu in love!
Rosebud earrings are super trendy... but these ones are even COOLER. The artist hand makes each earring out of polyclay so that you can actually see his fingerprints on each petal. They are beautiful.

Andrew ordered the bestest seven-armed octopus shirt from here AND it came with a personalized note!! Fun!

These little cards are SO CUTE. Plus they are hand painted in Halifax... neato! I love the above "eggnog"!

Specifically this bag... I love that they are made from vintage Kimono dresses!

Ok, I LOVE this shirt... it's too bad that there isn't one in my size! Plus she has fabulous arm warmers made with sustainable materials... squee!

Alright, enough browsing! Go forth and find amazingness!


  1. i just bought flower balm last week too! and some yummy lip glosses. totally agree about fiveseed- so unfair!

    1. wow- people really love the flower balm! i am pumped for some moon balm myself!! FiveSeed rocks :D

  2. Thanks for your great tips!

    I'm such a lurker on Etsy and I haven't bought anything mostly because of what you have listed here - when I find something I like it is made overseas and I'm not willing to do that. Clearly I need to get more into it to search for local goods that I like. That, and when I'm browsing I find very cute, beautiful homemade things that I then cannot justify buying because either it isn't something I need, and really, can't I make that myself? Never mind that I don't make it myself.

    1. yes... i agree. i find it's easier for the holidays, cuz then there are lots of fun gift ideas. But definitely, browsing by stuff made in your country helps :)

  3. I gave the flower balm to my friend who owns the local nursery & she loves it! I still wish you'd carry the herbwyfe (rename it Gardening Goddess Balm!), it's been sooo great for the dry winter weather on my hands n feet n other areas that suffer!

    1. i still have some face clay that i ADORE- which she no longer makes. However, I get that it would be tricky to keep offering products that are pricey to make or aren't selling as well.... tricky business for sure!

  4. Thank you so much for posting here! I am in the same space with Etsy. Very frustrated with what they are doing to herbal sellers and angry that they don't have the courtesy to answer our emails about this issue. BUT...there are SO MANY fantastic sellers on Etsy and I wouldn't want to discourage anyone from using Etsy if it means supporting some of these amazing small businesses. It is so important to keep voting with our dollars - Etsy or not! ;)

    FABULOUS post! Hugs!

    1. YAY! well of course! You are awesome!

      re etsy- yeah that is it exactly. I am pretty conflicted.... and honestly tempted to write a disgruntled letter as a consumer.... but wondering if i can manage that without getting too petty lol.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I just placed my order(s)! :)

  6. Haha just realized i was talking to FiveSeed instead in my comment heehee


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