Sunday, November 25, 2012

Eco Yogi 2012 Gift Guide

The bestest Eco Yogi's 2012 Basics Yulemas list:

Yoga Mat:
prAna revolution mat: if you really wanna give something super special, this extra large but awesomely sticky yoga mat rocks. I have an earlier version and although it weighs a zillion pounds (ok 8lbs at last weigh in), it is my all time favourite mat. Plus it's ridiculously environmentally friendly.

Jade Encore yoga mat: made with sustainably harvested AND recycled rubber, each mat purchased equals a tree planted! Plus, the performance is fabulous. You should be able to find one at a local studio.

Manduka eKo mat:
A close second, these mats are made with sustainably harvested rubber (although I am not as much of a fan of their grip, I have heard people who don't have any complaints!).

Yoga Clothing:
Tonic has fabulous 'made in Canada' yoga clothing that is superior in quality to Lulu, a similar price point AND it's actually made in Canada (unlike lulu's 'made in China'). The fabric isn't always sustainable though, so choose carefully. In Halifax you can purchase Tonic at Bhavana Yoga Boutique.

Downtown Betty: I adore their dresses! Made in Canada with some choice of sustainable materials!

prAna: always with fantabulous styles and colours, you need to look a little for the sustainable fabrics but they are there!

(These are the companies that I've tried personally and loved- have any others made in North America with sustainable materials that you've tried and loved-please leave a comment!)

Yoga Mat Bag:
Yogoco bags are still my favourite for versatility, functionality AND eco-ability. Sadly though, my prAna mat no longer fits in my bag... it would appear they may have a larger version now.

Yoga Mat Cleaner:
All you need is to make it yourself with a cute spritz glass bottle you can pick up at Value Village. Half water, half vinegar plus a few drops of a nice essential oil (like lavender) and thyme oil for disinfectant properties and you are good to go!

Yoga Hydration:
Klean Kanteen continues to rock my world. Especially the coffee mug version. My new favourite water bottle version though is the "Reflect" which has zero plastic and a beautiful wooden top.

The BEST gift, however, would be a pass at the yogi's favourite yoga studio OR a YogaGlo subscription!


  1. We are sad we didn't make this years list... were we naughty? ;)

    Thanks for the heads up on some other great items though and we can always hope for next year!


    1. lol- no no! i just kinda spazzed. :)
      Updated and taken care of (don't know how i could forget my favourite yoga mat!!) ;)
      Happy Holidays!


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