Monday, September 24, 2012

Moving to New Zealand!!

One of my bestest friends Margaret is embarking on a ridiculously exciting Adventure with a capital A.

(Step 1: complete side head shaving for a the "ADVENTURE HAIR")

Tomorrow morning at 5am, I drive her to the Halifax airport so she can start her 33 hour journey to New Zealand... where she will live and backpack, by herself, for an entire year.

(Amazing neon pink zebra Duck Tape)

Seriously. She quit her job, sold her car, gave away her clothing (even her handmade Halloween costumes!) and packed her entire life into a 35lb backpack. She had to pare down all her belongings to five outfits that better have multi-purposes and practical perks (such as easily washable underwear in a sink, but they look kinda cute too).

(Margaret and her life for the next year- all laid out on her 'nest' that she sleeps on when she visits)
Experiencing this process with her; how people are reacting to her Adventure (surprisingly, a lot of negative nancies out there), how life becomes a constant set of emotional 'goodbyes', and how we re-evaluate what is absolutely necessary in our lives. I was thinking about how I'd prioritize a travel yoga mat... lol.

(Ms Margaret is READY for her Adventure)
She's decided to blog about her journey (ok, really I told her she better friggin' blog and post pictures while she's there...) and I've given her a crash course in blogging over the course of the past two days. It's the cutest blog ever: "The Ginger Travels" (she's a redhead :) ).

She is so Courageous and I admire her Moxy and sense of Adventure.

A huge part of me is going to miss her while she's gone, despite this world of uber connectedness.

Bon Voyage ma Margaret, tu me manques déjà. 

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  1. If she makes it to Melbourne, tell her to look me up. How very exciting!

  2. New I saw this movie that took place in New Zealand. There's hobbits and wizards and orcs and stuff there...

  3. That's awesome. I spent most of 2011 in NZ, and it is absolutely amazing. Granted, I did not live out of a backpack, so I'm super impressed by that. It is an amazing place full of wonderful and warm people. And it's impossible to take a bad photo. :)

  4. Good for her! I will definitely keep up with her travels! Bon Voyage! A la prochaine!

  5. AWESOME! If I didn't have animals and grad loans, I'd love to join her...instead I'll just follow her blog :) Ha!

  6. I couldn't do it but that's amazing! I would miss my cats too much ;) I do want to leave Halifax and have a fresh start though. I could get rid of most of my things, I think.

  7. Go, Margaret! What a completely awesome adventure!

  8. What an amazing adventure! My partner and I live in the rural area Kaukapakapa in the outer part of Auckland City with our 2 lovable dogs. I'll pop a comment on Margaret's blog if shes ever wanting to hang out with some yoga loving kiwis :-)


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