Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easy DIY Solid Chocolate Peppermint Body Bars

This week has been pretty rough. From travelling and working late nights, to having a run-in with some critters from a B&B (thankfully contained but the aftermath is horrible) to finally topping it off with a good dose of the flu.

Due to said critters which will remain nameless, I have uncomfortable arms and legs that could really use some soothing peppermint body butter.

I had tried a solid body butter a few weeks ago, but sadly it melted at room temperature. A quick look at other body butter ingredients and they all contain: Beeswax. Thankfully, I had purchased some solid little nubbies of beeswax at the Seaport Farmer's Market a few months ago (25 cents a piece!).

 (I am loving these unused previously as muffin silicone containers robo-moulds for my melts and body bars!)

I just tried the solid bar this morning and it was lovely and smelled like chocolate lavender peppermint... mmmm.

The trick to using more oil-y natural moisturizers is to do as much as you can BEFORE you get dressed, allowing the natural oils to soak into your body: brush your teeth, do your hair and makeup etc. This recipe should last 3 months outside of the fridge, or 6 months in the fridge and should make two 2x2 bars. Feel free to swap some of the oils, but I would stick to a 75% solid and 25% liquid oil so it doesn't fall apart OR add more beeswax.
(beeswax being chopped up!)

Solid Chocolate Peppermint Body Butter Bar:

Double boiler (I just use a pot with 2 inches of water and a metal bowl on top)
silicone type mould (you could try plastic or glass, I'm just not too sure how you'd get the bar out)
Ceramic bowl

Beeswax (should be able to find at a health food store or farmer's market)
1/4 cup Cocoa Butter
1/4 cup Shea Butter (feel free to use one instead of both, just double the amount)
1 tablespoon Avocado oil (or another liquid oil)
10 drops Peppermint essential oil
5 drops Lavender essential oil

Chop beeswax into six 1 inch long and 1cm thick sticks. Kinda like your pinky finger. Bring water in double boiler to a simmer and place beeswax in double boiler.

Once the beeswax is melted, add the Cocoa and Shea butters and the avocado oil. Melt together.

Pour melted mixture into the ceramic bowl. Add 10 drops of peppermint oil and 5 drops of Lavender oil (feel free to mix it up or add more peppermint- it tends to dilute in scent once it hardens). Stir with a spoon and then pour into your moulds.

Place the mould in the fridge until they harden (if you can wait overnight, that is ideal).

And... you are done! Total work time should be: 30minutes.

(Robo-body butter bar!)

Uses for Chocolate Peppermint Body Bar:

  • Travelling- no spillage, no mess!
  • Refreshing soothing rub after a yoga class- easy to put in your yoga mat bag!
  • Nourishing dry skin during winter months.
  • Easy Yulemas gifts
  • Massage bars.... ;)

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  1. Where can I find beeswax if I don't have a health food store or farmers market near me?

    1. hmmm.... i figure you could order it online- i would google "___name of place where you live"+beeswax or honey farm and see what the closest could be to see if you could order from them.
      another option would be to order from etsy.... for example: :)

  2. Lovely! Looks absolutely luscious!


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