Friday, September 14, 2012

GPB Day in the Life: With Kittens!

Ever wonder what I do all day when I am not furiously writing this blog, being eco-licious or yoga-licious? No? Well.... ok then.

In case the answer was actually yes- go check out my post at the GPB today! It's filled with kittens, chore charts and speech therapy!! Woo!

(also, speaking on kittens... update on Atreyu- he has been officially diagnosed with a psycho-somatic disorder and the vet recommended anti-psychotics.... le sigh. Currently, he is sick from a mild bladder infection, again, and has developed a sensitivity to the anti-biotics... so he threw up everywhere and refuses to eat. It's great. Thank goodness he has a squishy face and we still love him to bits).

Happy Weekend!

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1 comment:

  1. ohhh myyyy! this post made me laugh out loud! (well - maybe not the anti-psychotic therapy - that would be rude)
    going to check out pics of kittens now......
    happy Sunday


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