Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Best Fruit Fly Eco-Trap Ever!

I am not a fan of bugs. I've also never been one to simply "let them free". Nope, I am a squasher while crowing triumphantly over my amazing bug-killing skills. TAKE THAT!

Yep. It didn't really go over well during circle time at my first job, let me tell you that.

One thing we have perfected, is the BEST FRUIT FLY TRAP EVER doodad. I figured most people know about this, until I heard of friends buying traps, creating elaborate traps using plastic wrap and poking holes etc etc.

Considering Andrew got this recipe while working in the produce section at Safeway (where they got a LOT of fruit flies), and since we've tried the plastic wrap contraption as well as red wine trick with MUCH less success, I figure the claim of BEST FRUIT FLY TRAP EVER is pretty darn legit.

It's just a bit stinky at first, but trust me, it's worth it.

(the not so sad sight of dozens of dead fruit flies- this happened in under 45 minutes of placing the trap in the bathroom. For some reason fruit flies are growing there- I think we need to baking soda the sink drain...)

In a glass cup (preferably one you don't love) that has a wide mouth and is kinda shallow (so an old brandy or scotch type glass... what you don't drink brandy or scotch?):

  • Drop about a dime's worth size of honey
  • add apple cider vinegar (about an inch in the glass)
  • one (or two) drops of liquid dish soap

That is it. No plastic, no special ingredients. White vinegar will work, just not as well. The combination of honey and apple cider vinegar mimics the scent of rotting, which the little buggers love. Add the dish soap (and our eco-friendly soap works fine) and the surface tension of the vinegar is broken allowing the flies to slip right to their doom.

Sinister? Maybe. But when you have an infestation of fruit flies it's magical.

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  1. Um, I SO needed this the last two weeks. Instead I went banshee like and smacked the cupboards many times leaving fruit flies in my wake---still it took over a week until I got it back under control. DEFINITELY will be trying this next time :)

    1. hahaha the "beauty" of fruit flies is that they always come back... kinda like zombie.... haha

    2. Actually I like natural Fruit Fly Traps.I think grass traps can try.thanks

  2. tu peux aussi utiliser le même liquide, mais dans une bouteille avec un goulot (du genre pot masson) et fabriquer un entonnoir de papier; une fois entrée dedans, soit elles restent coincées, soit elles se noient! MUAHAHA!

    1. Ouuuu! j'aime cette idée- mais shu trop paresseuse pour "tout" le travail.... haha. et pis- c'est fort probable que je mouille le papier... hah! Je partage ton idée en anglais:

      (translation from Émilie's idea so my Anglophone peeps don't miss out!:)
      You can also use the same liquid, but in a bottle with a cover (like a mason jar) and make a funnel out of paper. Once inside either the flies will be stuck there or they drown!

  3. This year we were able to eradicate our fruit fly infestation with a single plastic wrap trap. But last year we were at our wits' ends trying to get them under control. Glad that we can try this plastic free version for next time. As you say, there is ALWAYS a next time! Thanks!

  4. I am trying this RIGHT NOW! Gotta get those buggers! ;)

  5. I cannot thank you enough, it works :)
    This after your mat cleaner, i can say you changed my life!

    1. yay! so glad that it worked- i was also extremely happy when Andrew introduced this trap in our lives :D

  6. Trying this now. I find the only thing that works better is getting rid of the food.. but that's not good for my tummy. lol. Thanks for sharing!


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