Friday, August 3, 2012

Fresh Peppers Stored in Glass

Recently, a work colleague sent around a "meme" type email warning of the dangers of plastic containers. It was written by a regular "housewife" type persona, writing about watching Dr.Oz inform her of "GASP" the dangers of plastic. It finishes with a story of a "friend of a friend" who had breast cancer and how potentially plastic food containers played a part, urging us to tell all our friends.

(storing my schoolhouse granola in a glass container is great for freshness AND to keep those pesky icky wheat bugs away...)

Now, typically I'm not a fan of these 'manufacturing fear' rumour emails, but what's interesting is that they can work. Not longer afterwards, a colleague asked me where she could get glass food containers and non-plastic water bottles. 

(Glass storage also LOOKS really classy. ps- that bit of plastic wrap sticking out? We tried the clay circle dealy but the only thing that really worked to keep our brown sugar soft was a bit of plastic wrap on the top. A small bit that has never been replaced...)

The switch to glass storage is a gradual one, and although heavier and a bit more cumbersome for storage, they are much more convenient for cleaning and smell (especially since we're lazy and sometimes there are unpleasant surprises... ick!). 

(Our cat food is stored in two large glass containers that we'll also be picking up a few more for our flour and sugar storage!)

The biggest change in how I store food without plastic, though, has been storing vegetables in the glass containers. I grew up storing vegetables in plastic ziplock bags. I had always thought that it was the best way to store vegetables....

I was so wrong.

(pepper all ready to be eaten!)

Peppers in glass containers result in:
  • Longer lasting peppers. They don't get weird and slimy or dry out. It's perfect!
  • One pepper generally fits in one glass anchor container.
  • Having to cut out of the middle also results in a longer lasting pepper.
  • If you have a few peppers you can mix them together in one larger glass container!
  • After the pepper is all eaten up, the container is easily washed and quickly ready for another.
  • Instead of eventually having to buy more plastic ziplock bags (as they don't wash well), the containers will eventually pay for themselves by their longevity! 

An easy, classy, change to decrease your addiction to plastic :)

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  1. Huh, never thought of storing produce in glass before, but it makes sense. If you're looking to get more veggies into your diet (well, I am), you could slice things up, store them in glass and just grab some whenever you want a snack. I know things spoil faster when cut, but they'd probably get eaten more quickly that way anyway. I have almost all my dry good in mason jars. Unfortunately I still have large plastic for sugar and flours but some day I'll replace those too.

  2. That granola looks fabulous! Is there a recipe?

    1. thanks! sadly, it is not my invention- it's the fabulous School House Granola (gluten free)

      w toasted quinoa... it's delicious!

  3. You probably know this already, but you can sub molasses + white sugar for brown sugar (1 Tbsp molasses per cup sugar). My brown sugar kept turning into a rock, so I quit buying it years ago. Molasses has a long-ish shelf life.

  4. This will sound weird but trying putting a piece of bread in the brown sugar container. We used to do this in the restaurant I worked at. Just make sure to switch it out regularly so it doesn't get moldy.

    In my new place I'm really going to put the push on minimizing my use of plastic. Thinking of picking up the book "Plastic Free" for some tips. Have you heard of it?


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