Friday, May 4, 2012

Eco Beauty and Yoga Lists

Now that I have more room (from removing the Coffee and Yoga pages), I've decided to start organizing some information in a more accessible manner for you folks.

I have two new Pages: "Eco Beauty" and "EcoYogi".

"Eco Beauty" houses my absolute favourite DIY Eco Beauty regime that has stood the test of time and is now a regular part of my crunchy beauty routine. It definitely isn't complete, but I'll be updating it as I search, test and finally (hopefully!) find DIY eco replacements that work for my body.

"Eco Yogi" lists my favourites for the (newly or not) passionate yogi who wants to make their practice as low Earth Impact as possible.

Both these lists will be evolving and growing. I hope this will be an easy and helpful way to get information and inspire a few changes :)

Happy "Super Moon" this weekend- take a minute (especially you Haligonians!) to check out the beautiful (almost) Full Moon tonight!

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