Friday, April 27, 2012

Eco Soap Carrier and Travelling in Nova Scotia!

Check out my post on how to make an "Eco Soap Carrier" sans plastic at the Green Phone Booth!

And to take you there here are a few pictures of my work travels over the past two weeks:
A map of Nova Scotia, Canada. From Halifax, last week I drove to Isle Madame (which has Arichat and Petit de Grat) then Sydney. This week I drove from Halifax to Greenwood, Clare and then Argyle.

 All Acadian Regions have these special bilingual exit signs with the Acadian Flag :)
Arichat on Isle Madame truly has beautiful beaches

Still on Isle Madame, Petit De Grat has the cutest sign! Acadian colours and the star!

Me at the Governors Pub in Sydney, Cape Breton. The best draught and local music!

 Sydney's Opera House with their giant violon. It's right on the harbour.

The view from my hotel in Clare. This is the ocean at low tide- at high tide the ocean covers the entire shore. Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy has some of the world's largest tides.

A very south western Nova Scotia Acadian dish- Rappie Pie (or La rapure). In Clare it's kinda runny, I prefer Pubnico's version (but then it's what I grew up with). Finely grated potatoes, chicken (or wild game) baked in the oven. In Par-en-bas we put molasses on it too. Yum!

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  1. Love the opera house on the harbour in Sydney. Not quite like ours but gorgeous none the less.

  2. Awesome pics - hope you're enjoying your journey and enjoying Canada.
    Thanks for sharing the cool soap info. I'm itching to read your post before this one -"eclectic wiccan"...

  3. You'll have to give me the name of a good place to get La Rapure near Pubnico...we will be out that way in early July for field work! :)

  4. That's quite a bit of traveling! Might have to check out the beaches on Isle Madame this summer. Hoping to get up to CB to do the Cabot Trail so that would be perfect timing :)


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