Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Charting the Blogoverse as I know It

When I started blogging in 2009, I thought I could find and follow ALL the yoga blogs and environmental blogs. No problem! I would follow back every single person who followed ME. Easy.

I went along my merry way, reading my blogs, realizing those people read each other too. I had two big happy families, Eco and Yoga blogs.

After about a year I stumbled across a few blog links from my regular must-reads that had, GASP, *different* readers who had.... different blogs!! With their own circle or readers!!

I will admit to a moment of panic- I WAS MISSING OUT.

I tried frantically to read these new blogs in new blog solar systems... and started getting overwhelmed. These people had their own Roseanne, Brooks, and Dr Jay. It was like an alternate universe of yoga and green blogs. An alternate dimension even!

I was too weirded out, so I stopped trying.

In interest of arts and craft time, I have procrastinated to produce for you an diagram:
 The Blogoverse according to EcoYogini as of 2012. 

(Please note: My plan was to include each and every blog that I read, peruse at times and follow. That soon went down the pooper as I realized I would need a GINORMOUS page. Therefore, if you are not on this page (like YogaSpy, seriously I have no idea why I forgot, I blame being overwhelmed by blog planets!), no worries!! You know I read you! I was just lame- feel free to draw your planet where you'd like on my  Blogoverse :) ).

Article copyright of EcoYogini at ecoyogini.blogspot.com


  1. This is so cool! I love it! I read SO MANY of those blogs. It looks pretty much like my Blogoverse! :) I guess we run in the same circle!

  2. Cute! And I'm honoured to have made your chart :D

  3. i LOVE this!!!! :D thank you for including me — also digging the fact that i'm blue like you and Svasti. ;) xo.

  4. Hi, flattered to be included in the ashtanga territories :-) thanks!

  5. Thank you I am honoured to included!

  6. Bless you for including me even though I've disappeared down the rabbit hole these past few months! You are a true friend.

  7. Thanks, Eco-Yo-Goddess! I love being in this big blog world with you!

  8. Glad to see myself out there on the edges of the Blogoverse, where space-time (or, at least, the notebook page) appears to curve, which is just where I picture Yoga for Cynics' place in the grand scheme o' things...

  9. yahoo! love this! it really is a universe, isn't it? i also love how you have factored in the "uncharted territory." there are many more blogs to be discovered...

  10. My ego thanks you for including me in the Ashtanga Territories :-)

  11. So true! I once thought the same but if you saw my google readers (yes, I have 2... the muggle one & the pagan one), it's out of control! I'm honoured to be on the list (you were on my muggle list before you surfaced on my pagan one!

  12. @Five Seed: lol weird huh? And strangely there are SO MANY MORE that I wanted to add but didn't have room!

    @svasti: thank you!

    @Yis for Yogini: yes! i did actually think about the colours a bit....

    @Claudia: i only peruse a few ashtangis- you are one of them!

    @darkpurplemoon: yay!

    @VeganB: I've missed you!! I hope all is ok! :)

    @Brooks: yay! lol Yo-Goddess- fun!

    @YogaforCynics: YEP! on the curve of the space time continuum... perhaps you're blog could be known as the 'Q' equivalent.... what? Is my Trek showing? ;)

    @roseanne: I actually, weirdly, am aware of a bunch of blogs functioning RIGHT NOW with their own circles of readers- but I just can't keep up. I feel like they are 'my' own potentials... like dark energy or something...

    @Nobel: well... i guess i'm glad haha :)

    @Faye: teehee, MUGGLE! love :)

  13. Woo hoo! Thank you for adding my little blog to your blogoverse!

  14. Ah, so happy to be in there! Fun poster!

  15. This is super cute. Love that you even colored it.


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